Solution for Dealership Microchip Shortages

Los Angeles, Jun 21, 2021 ( – Dealership new and used car lots are looking more like parking lot wastelands. Inventories are at an all-time low. Consumers get a sticker shock when they see the price increases since the last time they visited the lots. Combining this with rising fixed costs dealerships are turning to sell service. The fact the corona epidemic has created a lot of services that can be had. An app has been built and patented by Wayne Merry to get more feet through dealership service departments and showrooms.

The app is custom branded per dealership that tracks their consumer warranties and alerts them before they expire. This is a great brand-building product that consumers want and love to use. Dealerships can also offer special incentives via the app anytime they wish to advertise to their past customers. Another feature allows the dealership to present vehicles to users thus pre-selling metal. Merry’s company uses the dealership’s customers and handles the distributor via the app. Getting customers to sign up is easy with our exclusive incentive programs. Let’s face it, falling out of warranty is an inevitable, regrettable situation and an expensive one and this app solve that problem, states Merry.

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