Singer-songwriter Tim Knapp’s recent single ‘Online’ offers a valuable lesson on the use of the internet

Multi-talented musician Tim Knapp showcases his brilliant storytelling to convey a powerful message through his dynamic singing in the latest number, ‘Online’.

Tim Knapp

Music is a revolutionary way of changing the mindset of an entire generation. Rising singer-songwriter Tim Knapp is sharing his thoughts and opinions with the world with his incredible unique soundscape. He has recently dished out a magnificent single, Online’ that delivers a powerful message to the audience. He skillfully dissects both the positive and negative impact of the internet on our generation. His excellent storytelling lets the listeners understand how it can be useful or become a vice depending on the users’ mentality. His incredibly powerful vocal performance enhances the impact of the sublime lyrical illustration, setting an example for his contemporaries.

Hailing from Rochester, Tim Knapp began his musical journey at a very young age. He started recording at a family-owned studio at the age of 9 and never looked back since. He used to sing in a few punk rock bands in his high school days and one of those bands even toured nationally. He has come a long way experimenting with various rhythmic elements and forming a complex and hybrid soundscape. His newest soundtrack, ‘Online’ is blissfully versatile with influences of different melodic components and styles. The uplifting melody is vividly positive and heart-warming. Follow him on Spotify and Instagram for more updates.

Listen to his track on Spotify:

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