Fudge Token final Pre-Sale set to offer an explosive growth in just days.

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The fudge token will gain 500% ROI growth on launch of ICO

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Metropolitan Manila Area, Philippines Jun 26, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – There is a newborn “fudge” addition in the burgeoning crypto industry. Fudge is in the final release and development process and he is sure to go to the moon with their roadmap. The Fudge team wants to implement a new decentralized funding platform dedicated to solving volatility problems related to traditional cryptocurrencies.

The decentralized digital currency parallel to Ethereum and Bitcoin is now ready to embark on a new journey to solve investment problems. Volatility is undoubtedly one of the most common characteristics of digital currencies. Well, this digital currency powered by a high-tech blockchain should provide valuable rewards to the community through continuous token rewards. In addition, it is believed that a large number of free tokens will be distributed among holders every month. Fudge understands the benefits of working with the community, and with this in mind, are now launching their ICO fresh out of pre-sale on July 1st. Users have until then to purchase tokens at an 80% cheaper rate than it will be on July 1st, 2020. That means a definite 500% gain on ICO launch day.

This initial coin issuance is one of the most popular fundraising methods and is expected to alleviate half of the problems related to the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Fudge expects this latest announcement to bring a lot of excitement. Everyone can see it. The ICO will be at a low cost and early token holders will see huge returns. The team also hopes to propose a smart charity wallet plan. A large part of the accrued transaction tax is donated to charitable foundations for a certain purpose. This routine charity is carried out as a community mobilization initiative.

Unlike other projects out there, all fudge owners now have the right to access the management system. This is a popular platform that any owner can choose or make suggestions for in the future. Fudge tokenomics gives you the power to improve its features to make it more useful for your financial endeavors. Another great opportunity for owners lies here – owners can now use token fudge to grow NFT in the cloud. This community-based service provider has promised to intelligently store tokens every 3 months. This will further reduce the available supply and also help maintain balance.

FUDGE charges an 8% fee for anyone who wants to sell their tokens. Then, 50% of this transaction fee is distributed to other FUDGE owners. FUDGE seems to care about those who actually stick to their tokens and don’t recommend selling. Thereafter, 20% of each initial transaction fee is raised and then added to the liquidity pool.

This community-based service provider identified 3 further investment phases that clarify the transparency of their investments. As for ICOs, however, some of the previous ones have brought tremendous profits to investors. And that’s why FUDGE is excited about this new project. A person who wants to decide on an ICO needs to have basic knowledge of buying digital currencies and using crypto wallets and exchanges.

This is going to be huge as it’s just days away from launch. FUDGE TOKEN is going to be a revolutionary product with novel and innovative characteristics that are rare in the market. To get in on the action and get an honest overview of FUDGE and its latest initiatives, you can visit: https://www.fudgetoken.com/ now or reach out to yourself via telegram: @fudgetokens


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