Prakash Mishra Debunks The Fears That Business Owners Have About SEO

Prakash Mishra

If the techniques are applied strategically, it could be the best decision for your business. Do not be misguided and do not let misinterpretation build false fears about SEO,” says Prakash Mishra

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Jaipur, Rajasthan Jun 30, 2021 ( – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) among many other aspects of digital marketing may seem like an alien concept to many business owners. With the business world strengthening its foothold in the online world, digital marketing has become one of the best tools to help these businesses establish their presence and beat their competitors. However, not everyone is all knowledgeable about the concepts and techniques of digital marketing and hence is a little skittish in applying them. 


Those who are not aware of the working of digital marketing, especially SEO techniques are a little scared regarding the scams, false promises, wrong measurements, misconceptions, etc. The reasons for not opting for SEO can be several, however, Google Certified Market Researcher and Digital Marketing strategist, Prakash Mishra debunks the fears that business owners have about SEO and instead lists down reasons who you should go for it. 


  • It Is Too Complicated:


Applying SEO techniques is not a cup of tea for everyone, however, it is not that complicated as well. You only need to understand the basic working and which technique should be applied where. Also, you cannot just rely on one technique, it is possible that a technique that might work this week may not give you the desired results in the next. 


  • SEO Is A Scam:


Most of the business owners who do not know about the wonders SEO can do for their websites, think it to be a scam. SEO by no means is a scam and if applied correctly, gives you amazing results. However, business owners cannot be blamed completely for this fear. Since digital marketing is a speedily growing trend, several companies claim to be the best, but when the time comes are unable to show results. It is not the fault of SEO, you need to choose wisely who takes care of the SEO. 


  • Everyone Cannot Afford SEO:


This is undoubtedly a misconception. A fear that needs to be debunked immediately. SEO is for everyone, whether you are only a startup, struggling to manage your finances, or a big company already well established in the market. It is on you how you want to go forward with SEO, you decide the budget that suits your pocket and you take the final decision. The good part of SEO is, when you start seeing the result, you automatically start increasing the budget spent on SEO. 


  • Optimizing Content For SEO Is A Waste:


SEO and content go along together, if the content base is not strong there is no point doing SEO. SEO can drive traffic to your website, but that traffic will be attracted only if you have high-quality and user-engaging content. The simple working of SEO goes this way, if your content is good, SEO will get you the desired results, if not, it will be a waste of time.


  • SEO Takes a Long Time To Show Results:


Definitely, you will not see the results overnight, but it does not take ages to see the results. On the other hand, if any digital marketing company promises to give you results in just a few days, be aware, the sooner you climb the ladder of success, the quicker you will also fall down. To see the SEO results, you need to be a little patient, the desired results can be seen in around 6 months to one year.


SEO might seem complicated in the beginning, however, if you look at the bigger picture, SEO can get you more traffic, increased leads, and higher conversions. If the techniques are applied strategically, it could be the best decision for your business. Do not be misguided and do not let misinterpretation build false fears about SEO,” says Prakash Mishra, Founder, and CEO of Drive Digital and DigiHunts Academy.

Prakash MishraPrakash MishraPrakash MishraPrakash Mishra

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