ITL North East Ltd. founder Grace Tia Bon Bon – Team speaks about the importance of ethics and maintaining high standard

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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- London, United Kingdom Jul 19, 2021 ( – Multi-Language Translators Code of Ethics defines what it means to be an outstanding translator. “Every translation shall be faithful and render exactly the idea and form of the original – this fidelity constitutes both a moral and legal obligation for the translator.” – International Federation of Translators (IFT). The Translator’s Charter (approved by the Congress at Dubrovnik in 1963, and amended in Oslo on July 9, 1994).

We have been providing translators and interpreters to both the government and private sectors for over 25 years. We believe that the principle of endeavouring to provide the highest possible level of service in our professional practice should guide us. It is imperative that translators and interpreters translate accurately. By accurate translation, we intend to produce a translation that respects the source document’s significance, style and register. Under all circumstances, and unless otherwise required by law, the translator must respect the confidentiality and privacy of all information in all documents submitted by a client for translation. There is a strict confidentiality rule applicable to all submitted information, so ensuring it may not be reproduced, disclosed, or divulged.

Translators and interpreters must maintain their professionalism by remaining impartial and declaring potential conflicts of interest (such as personal or ethical values or opinions) which may affect their performance. It is imperative that translators are conscious of their limitations. An assignment beyond their capability should be declined. Our management team ensures that they periodically survey our employees and discuss these challenges. Translations and interpretation should only be accepted by those who can deliver on time (by the deadline). A translator may only translate documents that they are capable of translating. There should be no subcontracting of work without written permission. This is one of our regular follow up procedures to make sure of consistency through a work-in-process flow chart.

The team supervisor ensures that the translators and interpreters possess solid knowledge of the source language and expertise in the target language. Ideally, translators should take on translations only in fields or subject matters where they have experience and expertise. It is necessary for the translator to recognise and acknowledge translation mistakes and work towards resolving them after the translation has been completed, to avoid liability and risk issues.

Our management team makes sure that all our employees go through self-teaching, formal and information continuing education for them to expand and maintain their skills and general knowledge. They must also show respect for all parties involved in the translation and interpretation assignment, including respect for self, the company and its clients. We encourage taking time to evaluate oneself and seeking feedback about performance. Respect for intellectual property and copyright are mandatory for translators and interpreters. Translated documents remain the client’s exclusive property.

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