Paris Art Exhibition “Ephemeral Eternity” Opens New Dialogue with Time

Official Exhibition Poster Designed by Jennifer Channing

Present Artists Thu Huong, Charlotte Herben,Cécile Bourdais and Guest artists Dora Lionstone,Victoria Pham,Xiaoyin Xie,Music X Habitat X Art, curator May Meng, co-curator Jennifer Channing

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Paris, France Jul 25, 2021 ( – “Ephemeral Eternity” is an exhibition about experiencing the invisible passage of time through the chronoscope of an intimate dialogue between humans and nature. How can we understand the intervals of time within “Ephemerality and Eternity”? How can unexplainable perceptions of changes be transformed into a universal language of feelings? In this exhibition, nature is an active part symbolize the eternal life associated with the artist temporal body, the dialogue was draft from the essence of “breath”, which universal beings are shared equally, then flows to the body, the flesh, and the fresh, it leaves an open ending with the formula of cancelling material information for the rebirth of interior forestation: the new language continues infinity conversations. Breath, body, and language build up the tunnel to feel the sensitivity of time, beyond the present. This exhibition not only presented three local artists: Thu Huong, Charlotte Herben, Cécile Bourdais shape the dialogue but also invites international guest artists to extend the discussion with “Time” in the moment of now.

Each breath generates a form of communication. In artist Thu Huong’s abstract ink drawings, following the natural energy of “Chi”, she applies every ink dip wave until the vanish of the breath and appears permeance of time: In and out, moments and settlements, the void and the full, yin and yang, experimenting the process of balancing between her personal life and artworks.

As the human body changes along the ages, the natural body is impacted by seasons and the environment. The rooted fragilities of facing uncertain changes over time, simulates the perpetual needs for protection, even for repair. Artist Charlotte Herben melted nature found objects into her sculptural human body figures, as a sign of healing and protection for each other, or a new form of being in the universe. The time marking on our body, the dialogue unites humans and nature to share an everlasting strong force for caring. 

To extend the conversation, connected to the exhibition also add an “Ephemeral Film Room”—a concept was generated from the idea of “beyond the mind” by sending invitations to international artists and allowing them to participate remotely as a “Guest Artist” with the most ephemeral art medium “film”. Over seconds, over boundaries, over what begins and ends–Over Beings.

The way of displaying each film, which by four different time slots during the gallery day creates the unexpected and unexplained feelings that merged with visitors themselves which also distinguishes the experience from individuals. The selected artworks from Dora Lionstone, Victoria Pham, Xiaoyin Xie, Music X Habitat X Art leave an open-ending dialogue to this exhibition—Time cannot be viewed, be expected, be tempted, be changed, and even be with. As the intention of the exhibition,  it is not to guide spectators on how to experience time, instead to respect their experience, independently and equally.

Curator May Meng and co-curator Jennifer Channing want to share this special “Ephemeral” Paris Exhibition with spectators, invite them to “Breathe”, “Read”, “Heal” and  “Meditate”  with time and our “Eternal ‘ nature souls. 

Exhibition Opening at 18h-21h, July 31st Paris Time at 1 Cité Griset, IESA Gallery (75011), last from 1st- 9th August( 10:00-18:00 every day).  

This exhibition was in partnership with IESA Arts& Culture, Eos culture Events, and May Art Foundation.

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Artist Thu Huong NguyenDufourmantelle at her studio          Photo by May MengArtist Ccile Bourdais and her artworks        Photo by May MengArtist Charlotte Herben and her artworks       Photo by May MengGuest artists

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