Covid-19 Vaccination: Examining the myths

Demonstration of the forces involved with the magnet attachment to the skin

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Saint Louis, Missouri Jul 27, 2021 ( – Covid-19 Vaccination: Examining the myths

The claim that the coronavirus vaccines are actively magnetizing people has circulated online for more than a month. Every once in a while, a claim comes along that wildly challenges the mainstream scientific narrative. These challenges can occasionally serve as the seed for a revolution in our understanding of some aspect of the world, but much more frequently, the novel claims simply fail to fall out. ‘Magnetofection’ connection with Covid-19 vaccination is examined by the latest published research paper.

The research paper, “Unexpected magnetic attraction: Evidence for an organized energy field in the human body” authored by Dr. James A. Thorp, scrutinizes the legitimacy of “something magnetic in Covid-19 vaccines”.

Dr. Thorp and his team performed a prospective observational study on 256 subjects to investigate the claims of magnetic powers post-vaccination. The participants of the study involved both non-vaccinated and vaccinated people.

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Dr. Phuoc-Tan Diep, Royal Lancster Infirmary, commented: “It is intriguing. The implications are vast and go way beyond vaccine issues.”


Dr. Hamid Ghaznavi, Department of Radiology, Kurdistan university of medical sciences, commented: “This is a valuable paper. I have read this paper and shared it to my co-workers”


Prof. Dr. med. Paul Cullen, the specialist in laboratory medicine, commented: “This is an interesting report. This paper reminds me of data from satellite imaging published several years ago that showed that cows grazing in a field tends to align themselves with the magnetic axis of the earth, another completely unexpected finding. The result is even stranger than the “vaccines cause magnetic attraction” hypothesis, particularly since the magnetic attraction appears to be independent of the polarity of the magnet. Clearly, this result needs to be independently replicated, which should happen soon since the “equipment” needed is available to nearly everyone on the planet. If it can be verified, it has important and wide-reaching consequences for models of how our bodies (and perhaps living systems in general) operate.”

The paper also answers the recurring question that was the external magnet attracted to passive ferrous materials in the deltoid regions or was there an active source of attraction emanating from the muscle, i.e., a magnetic field?

This is the first prospective observational study evidencing the magnetic force in the living bodies but subsequently signals the absence of a relationship between the observed attraction response and COVID-19 vaccination.


About the author:

Dr. James A. Thorp practices maternal fetal medicine in the Sisters of St. Mary’s Health System, St. Louis, MO. He has published more than 150 publications including research, reviews, clinical trials and case reports.

Demonstration of neodymium magnet attachment to the skin on 4 SubjectsDemonstration of nonmagnetized paper clip attachment to the skin on 4 Subjects

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