Actress Kelly Ann Barrett Making Waves in Hollywood, CA!

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Actress Kelly Ann Barrett Making Waves in Hollywood, CA!

Kelly Ann Barrett is an actress, writer, producer, host, and model who started her career in New York City. Upon moving to Hollywood, CA six years ago, she has been making waves and taking her acting to a whole new level. She has been busy working hard, studying, auditioning tons, and making a name for herself. Kelly Ann just shot a commercial for Edible Arrangements, had a National spot for Huntington Bank, a modeling campaign for Luminess, Mayvenn Hair, and many others. As for the film, she has a few scenes in some features that are still in post-production. One for a brilliant writer, producer, director, and actress Jordan Hinson, a friend of hers, and another that came from Ryan Daly, a talent manager at Zero Gravity Management.

Kelly Ann has always been involved in the arts since she was a kid. She felt it was a calling, never really felt at home working other jobs. Growing up in Milford, CT, Kelly Ann was featured in local newspapers for modeling and was in Teen Magazine a few times. She also loved dancing and studied at the Lee Lund Studio of Dance throughout high school. One of her dreams was to be on Broadway but never took singing lessons. Kelly Ann went to a handful of auditions, but she didn’t know how to turn her dancing into a career and got depressed and gave up. “Mindset is everything. You have to want it, stay positive, and believe it can happen for you, stick to it, and never give up.” She said she didn’t have the right mindset to make it happen. Then she got into DJ’ing and music production and became one of the most famous female DJs touring the world. She did that for about 15 years until she caught the acting bug and started studying in NY. She decided to quit everything, including her day job, to pursue a career in acting. Making a career out of the arts was not easy for her. “Having supportive people around you is important,” she says. After spending about ten years in New York City honing her craft, learning from various acting coaches, and working on TV shows and commercials, she felt it was time for her to go back to LA. She knew that there was way more opportunity in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles than in New York. “Most of the work in NY was Broadway, and unless you sing, there weren’t very many shows for you. Lots of episodical’s and major films shot there, but the casting mainly was done in LA minus a few under-five roles.” Say’s Kelly Ann. It has always been a dream of her’s to move to Hollywood.

Another deciding factor for her relocation was world-renowned master acting coach Eric Morris. She studied with Jason Bennett, a student of his, and enjoyed learning his technique. She also met Eric in person at an acting workshop where he autographed one of the books he has written called “No Acting Please” for her. Aside from being famous in the acting world, Eric is one of the last greatest living masters of the technique of acting. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to learn from him. His handcrafted acting technique is so laser-focused, honest, and it makes the most sense. Acting came from Stanislavski, then you had Strasberg, Meisner, and Stella Adler, and Eric Morris as the other best greats. Strasberg was the only one that used real-life experiences in the craft and called it emotional recall. The one thing that Strasberg did not incorporate into his teachings was to go into the instrument of the actor. He was not interested in your personal life and what you were going through. He felt that was for the therapist. So, Eric developed a technique where you have to start from where you are and get in touch with that, to get to where you need be to experience what the character is experiencing. He calls it Experiential Acting. Experiential acting is being able to experience what the character is experiencing. He also teaches you how to make it authentic by using your own life experiences. I would hurry up and try to work with him while you still can. He is brilliant and has dedicated his life to the technique of acting. It is called the Eric Morris Worksop in LA.

What also really helped Kelly Ann was when she booked a headshot session with Theo and Juliette. They are one the best here, and most agree, she says. They shoot a lot of the big stars, including Emma Stone. They gave Kelly Ann a consultation and pointed out her best look, so she took their advice and dyed her hair back to brunette. She got the new headshots and started booking way more work. “It was like night and day with the bookings. What a blessing,” she says.

Kelly Ann also produced a pilot called “Last Chance” written by G Randyl Johnson. She funded it and helped put it all together. She asked her friend Aaron Schwartz from the “Mighty Ducks” “Heavyweights” and “Gossip Girl” (to name a few) to Co-Star in it. “He’s a talented and versatile actor who works very hard at his craft! It was a pleasure working with him, and he was so funny!” She also asked her other friend who was in the WWE to join and ended up investing in the project as well, so they were able to get Todd Bridges as the Guest Star and finish the Pilot EP. Everyone knows who Todd is. He was Willis on “Different Strokes.” Todd was also hilarious, and what a great guy. Says Kelly Ann. Randy ended up gang stalking Kelly Ann with the rest of the crew and cut her out of the project. She only had two small scenes, one with Todd, and they never gave her the footage when she was the one who put it all together and paid for it. Kelly Ann also recruited everyone and introduced everyone to Randy. They acted like she never existed and had nothing to do with it. “I learned my lesson and should have invested in my project to be shot and helped myself, instead of my ungrateful disrespectful friend. Karma and God will take care of it. We have to forgive and move on. I thought they were my friends, but in all reality were using me. She had also spent about ten years writing movies and TV shows as well.

The past few years have been great for Kelly Ann. The acting and modeling have picked up a lot. She also started dabbling on Youtube and has about 20k plus followers on IG, so she’s a bit of an Influencer as well. She enjoys working with companies promoting products. Living in Hollywood, she feels that it’s easy to get distracted by so many different things. She moved here for acting and doesn’t want to get away from the craft. She says it’s easy to just forget the craft and get all caught up in the limelight and other things as well. All the great actors are always studying and working with coaches to up their game, so she is trying to stay focused on that. She said it’s not as glamorous as it looks, and is sending up prayers to God to help make it so! “I work hard at it all while juggling other jobs just to keep money coming in to pay my bills. Everything is expensive, headshots, classes, rent, bills, I spend a lot of money and time on my career. I barely get time for myself. I get tons of auditions daily and do the best I can to get to them all, but it’s impossible. A blessing to have so many I suppose instead of having none! I do tons, so it’s such a blessing when you book one!”

Kelly’s commercial agent is Larry Wiedmann at AC Talent Agency.

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