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Get a Peace of Mind and get more time for your Core Business with Completely Managed Cloud VPS Server Hosting in France provider company with Gravelines, Paris, Marseille, Nantes, Nice, Normandie, Strasbourg, Toulouse based IP and DC


(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- New Delhi, Delhi Aug 2, 2021 ( – France encompasses rocky alpine areas, medieval towns, and beautiful Mediterranean beaches. Paris, its metropolitan center, is famous for its fashion boutiques, grand art museums like the Louvre, and other monuments like the Eiffel Tower and other monumental structures like the Palais de Justice. The country is also known for its enormous wines and intricate cuisine. The French people are known to be very passionate, enthusiastic, and generous people.

Definition :

A Dedicated Server can be split into several independent and distinct VPS servers, each running its own operating system and using its own configuration tools. There are various benefits to running VPS, ranging from savings in hardware to increased flexibility and improved resource management. In short, a France VPS offers a flexible option for business users who want a high level of performance and increased levels of isolation while still maintaining the benefits of a traditional dedicated hosting environment. A VPS offers a great deal of power and resources for a fraction of the price of dedicated hosting, and because each virtual server is running in its own isolated environment, there is almost never any chance for data loss or downtime.

About TheServerHost – Most Reliable and Best VPS Server Hosting provider with France based IP and Data Center:

TheServerHost is regarded as one of the leading providers of VPS server hosting services in France. They are among the most well-known suppliers of Linux / Windows VPS hosting. They offer a full virtual private server solution for your business. With them, your VPS web server becomes an integral part of your online business. You can enjoy the advantages of having a well-optimized and well-functioning virtual private server for a fraction of the price compared to other options available in the market. They offer various security features such as firewalls, software updates, and custom application security policies. Thus, you can enjoy these great business benefits at affordable prices.

Bandwidth is an important factor in the hosting plans. With TheServerHost, you will never worry about Bandwidth consumption. They have various bandwidth plans that enable you to manage your bandwidth. Thus, you get a choice of selecting an affordable bandwidth plan based on your requirement. The dedicated servers offered by them are equipped with multiple high Unmetered bandwidth network interfaces to ensure that you get speedy connectivity to the World Wide Web.

With TheServerHost, you are provided with the best technical support. The technicians of their are well experienced and can resolve all your technical problems. You need not pay extra for any additional technical support services. They provide excellent support for valued clients. Their servers are backed up by powerful enterprise-grade equipment so you never have to worry about the performance of the servers. The Company makes sure that all aspects of server maintenance and management are taken care of. Hence, you get excellent technical support round the clock through telephone, e-mail, chat, forum, etc. Thus, the customer gets full flexibility in using the latest technologies.

Their business benefits also include the cost-effective price. The prices offered by them are affordable and meet the requirements of most web developers and business owners. The price of the Server includes the cost of managed root access, SSL certificates, domain forwarding, control panel, FTP, dedicated IP, dedicated bandwidth, and custom web design. Thus, you enjoy excellent cost savings and also get an excellent level of IT to support at an affordable price.

The France Virtual Private Server offered by TheServerHost is ideal for web development and application testing. This VPS server hosting resource offers the best options for managing websites and files. The resources such as CPU, memory, disk space, I/O resources, system resources, etc. are effectively utilized by them so that you enjoy fast processing power and flawless execution of various web applications. The customer always enjoys outstanding benefits by utilizing the latest technological advancements in the sphere of data processing technology.

Popular software like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal their applications running efficiently on France VPS. The advanced control panel tools help you to easily deploy and manage your website. The server resources of TheServerHost are perfectly crafted to handle the heavy workloads of the biggest online e-commerce portals. The VPS servers offered by them are backed by the world’s best network of internet servers that make use of the latest Ethernet technology.

VPS Hosting is an affordable and flexible means to set up a virtual server. This new technology lets you create your very own virtual operating system-a virtual machine which will act like a real physical machine, but it’s housed on a virtual operating platform. VPS Hosting lets several domains be hosted on a single server, each having its own operating software, applications, and operating level. Here are some France VPS Hosting benefits and how they can benefit you:

Features Provided by Top France VPS Server Hosting Provider TheServerHost :

Cheap Hosting Plans: If you are looking for an affordable option for shared hosting, France VPS Hosting would be perfect. VPS Hosting is cheaper than traditional dedicated hosting. It is also ideal for new startups, small-scale businesses, and large eCommerce websites or as a gaming server. The low cost of VPS Hosting provides better performance and reliability at the same time.

Root Access: France VPS server hosting is another great option that enables the customers to enjoy complete root access to the operating system. With a VPS, you get complete freedom over the application or scripts that you use and block access from other external third parties. There are various VPS server hosting features available with the different types of plans. VPS server hosting enables the customers to manage their servers independently. They can install any applications and scripts of their choice. The customer gets full root access to it and there is flexibility to change the system policies and tune the security as per needs.

Flexibility: With France VPS Server hosting facilities, you get full control over the system and it enables the end-user to manage the system efficiently. The user can make changes and customizations to the system and there is complete freedom over the security and the system resources. With virtualization, the physical machines are converted into virtual machines and thus enjoy a great deal of flexibility and freedom.

Huge Space: It offers inexpensive and affordable web space and it is ideal for those companies which do not have much amount of money to invest. You can use the webspace for varied purposes such as uploading movies, images, etc. There are many other uses as well such as database, blogging, emailing, etc.

There’s no downtime when using virtual private servers. There’s also no need to concern yourself with slow speeds. With France VPS servers, your website is always available so you can do everything in order to get it operating as soon as possible. When you’re using VPS Hosting Server Benefits, you get to enjoy an excellent uptime with your website which enables you to handle your business more effectively.

Scalable: The most important France VPS Hosting Server benefits include high-quality performance and flexibility. By allowing multiple servers on one physical server, it enables providers to configure and use as much or as little infrastructure as they desire. They can also have more freedom over the types of operating systems and software programs that are used on their virtual servers. This increased level of freedom results in better control and functionality from the servers. For instance, better security features can allow the administrator to create restrictions on the access of certain applications on the server while more flexible RAM configurations ensure that the memory resources available to the application are never exhausted.

Security: In terms of security features, France VPS hosting offers a lot of value in the form of a number of security options. High-level security is often provided by the use of an intrusion detection system, which is an effective measure that will identify and block intruders before they are able to cause any damage. In addition, many of these systems will offer software firewalls and other measures to protect information from being distributed or compromised.

High Uptime: Another of the key aspects to consider when choosing France VPS hosting is the availability of high levels of uptime. When hosting, businesses will often find that it is vital for them to be able to instantly gain access to their servers when they require it the most. By ensuring that this is the case, they will find that they are in a better position to deal with sudden spikes in traffic as well as high levels of customer demand. With this technology, they can ensure that their website remains online and running for as long as possible, without having to worry about experiencing any downtime.

Enhanced processing power: Of course, there are a number of other France VPS server hosting benefits that will allow users to take advantage of the best of this technological advancement. The most common is the enhanced processing power. By allowing the system to be utilized to its fullest potential, users will find that they are able to enjoy significant improvements in their level of productivity. With this service, they will no longer need to worry about dealing with slow internet speeds, which will ensure that they are able to get things done efficiently and quickly. In addition to this, the processing power that is offered can also be tailored to meet the needs of individual businesses.

Configuration Available :

KVM Virtualization

Virtualization solutions are also referred to as virtualization libraries, hypervisors, or virtualization software. There are other advantages of KVM-based software virtualization solutions. They are more flexible in terms of managing hardware resources.

DDOS Protection

Defending against Distributed Denial Of Service attacks (DDoS) is very necessary for any business. A DDoS is a common problem on the Internet, whereby a large number of systems fail to function normally within a short period, usually lasting several minutes. A DDoS is most commonly initiated by a single attacker using a distributed application. It usually begins by flooding the target system with ICMP Echo Request (ping) messages. Once an IP address is flooded, a flood of additional ping messages, requests for service, or automated application installations begin. In order to defeat a DDoS, it’s necessary to detect and prevent it before it gets started.


An SSD Drive is one of the newest storage devices to hit the marketplace. It is an advanced form of a hard disk drive that utilizes the synchronous read/write memory management scheme. This enables the hard disk to run at a fraction of the total power consumed by the computer, whilst still offering the kind of high-speed performance that users are used to. These leaves open a huge market for the product, which could see a lot of competition in years to come.

Choice of Operating System – red hat enterprise Linux – Ubuntu – Windows standard and r2 (2008, 2012, 2016, 2019) – RDP Server – CentOS – Rockstor – YaST – Citrix Xenserver – ESXI – FreeBSD – VMWare – scientific – suse – vyatta – vsphere – parallel cloud server – routeros – Unix – Solaris – opensuse – MAC OS – Kabantu – Fedora – Unity – Cloud Linux – RHEL – Debian – Slackware 

Mode of Payment Available – PayPal and Bitcoin

Control Panel Available – cPanel – Plesk – ISPConfig – DirectAdmin – Virtualmin – DTC – InterWorx – BlueOnyx – Froxlor – ISPmanager – VestaCP – ZoPanel – Sentora – CentOS web panel – WebsitePanel – Ajenti- OpenPanel – EHCP – Kloxo – ZPanel – ispCP – VHCS – Webmin – RavenCore-

Usage – Gaming Software, Online Tally, Vici dialer Application, E-Commerce Website, and multiple CMS, File Server, Game Server with DDOS Protection, Web Hosting, Intranet, Application Server, Android Apps Server, IOS Application, Video encoding, remote record stockpiling, DNS, VPN, Voice Service, Proxy server, Minecraft

Conclusion : 

Moreover, you get the flexibility with virtual private servers. In this, you will get full control over your server and you can install/update your application software as well as modify the operating system. Thus the most important aspect is that you get complete control of your website and you are able to make changes at your convenience. And the best part is that the price of VPS will be very low when compared to dedicated servers. So you do not need to pay a high amount for website hosting. TheServerHost offers highly reliable, affordable, and highly flexible VPS hosting solutions. In addition to being highly reliable, it offers a variety of features, which are highly useful to small and medium-sized businesses. If you’re looking for the best value when it comes to web hosting, France VPS is a great option.

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