Stage-four cancer survivor turns adversity into opportunity

Frozen Not Broken


‘Frozen Not Broken’ details how anyone can find more effective healing through Interval Mindfulness


(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Sep 21, 2021 ( – There is little doubt anxiety and stress are killing Americans.

But one fitness aficionado believes he has mastered a way to counter the ill effects brought on by those everyday concerns, using his formula for interval meditation, which he calls Interval Mindfulness.

Mario Godiva shares his powerful new method in his critically acclaimed new book, “Frozen Not Broken,” available online and at all major booksellers.

A sought-after physical trainer, with appearances on some of the hottest media today, including “CNN,” “Dr. OZ,” “New York Times,” and the “Today Show,” he recounts in the book how he went from tragedy to victory in just 50 days and how he believes the reader can too.

The secret to his success, he said, is found in how he learned to train his mind, a method he discovered after being given a week to live.

No stranger to making a difference through his wellness strategies in person, Godiva is now reaching frustrated, stressed, and burned-out readers wherever they are.

“In ‘Frozen Not Broken,’ I teach readers how to get off the hamster wheel to get unstuck from the grind that is deteriorating your mind, body, and soul,” Godiva said. “Instead, you can take control of your life if you follow my guide to ambush anxiety, master your stress, and activate rapid self-healing.” 

Godiva does this through what he calls Interval Mindfulness, a time interval-based approach to relaxation, meditation, and stress relief for people who have a hard time calming their minds.

“The interval training methodology used in the sports, fitness, and running industries is strategically applied to mindfulness, meditation, and regeneration to give users immediate relief,” he said. “With my proven technique, you can master your health, become more resilient to stress, and even thrive amid chaos.”

“Readers also learn how to focus their minds instead of indulging in every digital whim. The average person touches their cell phone or device 262 times per day, and with all those beeps, rings, and tweets, the mind is in a constant state of flux. Through my training, you learn how to handle the chaotic world — not escape from it.”

Godiva is not only an expert in the field, his personal experience continues to drive him to share his message.

“I was being told I had only a week or so to get my affairs in order,” he said. “With that death sentence hanging over my head, I decided not to give in and call the cemetery– instead, I radically self-healed in record time.”

This holistic fitness expert said he has a proven plan to break the stranglehold of societal stress with Interval Mindfulness.

In “Frozen Not Broken,” Godiva said he shares how to find the hidden truths behind personal stressors and break this addictive cycle of fear and anxiety and how to enable readers to follow short processes of mindful meditation to transform their physical, emotional, and mental state.

“We are collectively submerged in a never-ending loop of continuous chaos, and I’m retraining the reader to handle it all with grace,” Godiva said.

For more information about Godiva, Frozen Not Broken, or Interval Mindfulness, visit

Frozen Not Broken can be found at all major booksellers now, including Amazon and Target.

Godiva also maintains a presence on social media, including Instagram, Pintrest, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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