The tracks of the artist Rashid Malice are bringing the audiences back to love hip-hop music

Rashad Malice

The tracks of Rashad Malice exhibit his versatility, uniqueness, and techniques of composing music vividly. His tracks are inspirational for budding rap artists.

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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Jemison, Alabama Nov 9, 2021 ( – Harnessing his deep understanding of music, great passion for the genre of music, and long-developed skills of composing music, have made the artist Rashad Malice one of the most genuine artists of the genre. His song carries the freshness of the genre. By combining pop with hip-hop he always delivers different kinds of music. In his endeavor to create melodious and soulful tracks, he has adapted a rap style that may not look like rap to many of his audience. Rather, his songs can be understood as catchy pop music also. However, the softness has grabbed the attention of the audiences and many budding artists start aspiring to be like him in the future.

The most important factor that defines his whole composition is his understanding of intertwining beats with melodies. His song No tears is an amazing piece of music. His vocal tune has an echoing effect with the pop touch in the stretching of his voice. The versatility of his voice is also seen through ‘No tears’. In his other song ‘Exhale’ with Breana Marin, he has done an excellent job with his rap. Exhale demonstrates Rashad Malice’s accuracy as a hip-hop music artist. All the songs hold and exhibit the nature of the artist’s style.  

The techniques and the understanding melody are vivid in his rap. His song It’s ok‘ can be exemplified as a perfect piece of rap to all aspiring hip-hop artists. The rhythm beat and melody have been maintained with subtleties in ‘it’s ok’Last but not least vibe with me evokes the audience to vibe with it. The song is crafted beautifully. Listen to ‘vibe with me’ and all the other songs on the Spotify app. Moreover, for his fans’ convenience to know him more he is present on Instagram.

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