Musically Passionate and Multi-Genre Artist ZeNilism is a Rising Pennsylvania Hip-Hop Artist who Composed ‘Deathwish’

Deathwish by ZeNilism


Music can change your mind if you listen to the song ‘Deathwish’ from the Pennsylvania hip-hop artist ZeNilism and you can feel ambitious after listening to it.


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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Frackville, Pennsylvania Nov 13, 2021 ( – The multi-talented singer cum producer ZeNilism is consistent over his creativity and music composition. Therefore, besides his entrepreneurship, Jeffrey Joseph Smulligan will give you fantastic feelings through his songs. Hence, his latest song Deathwish‘ is also an encouraging and mind-blowing production from this artist. Therefore, the fast-paced rapping from the beginning is much more fantastic for the listeners of this nature. Hence, with that nature, he tries to promote a horrorcore feeling to the audience. The singer is now one of the most respected figures right now after releasing his song ‘Night Tremors’ for the listeners. This song is inspired after he has suffered from various difficult challenges posed by his environment and become sick and depressed.

However, in the song ‘Deathwish’ the artist has used a melodic and speed rapping style for a better approach in the music journey. Moreover, the crazy and beatless rapping by the artist is another quality of the artist. ZeNilism is also exposed to the R&B musical genre and he uses a mix of that with his latest music. The artist has shown the different vocal textures and the speedy energetic flow for the sweet and high-level musical journey. This song is featured with Jerron Benton and it is produced by Temper Beats.

This Pennsylvania hip-hop artist believes that singing can change one’s life and he produced ecstatic songs besides his most popular song Night Tremors. Thus, the music ‘Uncomfortable’, ‘Ambition’, ‘Upper-cut Freestyle’, ‘Dead Feelings’ and ‘Bale Full Gold and a Fistfull Hundreds’ will provide you with a nice musical journey. The fan followers are expecting more encouraging and inspiring songs from this artist to feel ecstatic and fantastic. Soundcloud is the platform to follow the artist’s more musical releases and you can check out the artist’s next projects just visiting him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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