Gilson Snow x TRAN$PARENT collab to feature the first ever snowboard NFT – Details and a Q-A with the Artist



(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Williamsport, Pennsylvania Nov 20, 2021 ( – From the artist that brought you one of last season’s hottest snowboards (the Benjamin), Gilson Snow and TRAN$PARENT are dropping a new super limited snowboard, along with the first-ever Snowboard NFT.

Only 210 of The Creation snowboards will ever be made, a nod to the 21M Bitcoin ever mined. For digital collectors and crypto lovers around the world, this one-of-one NFT will be auctioned off in an OpenSea auction that can be found here.

Gilson sat down with TRAN$PARENT for a quick Q&A to hear more about what inspired the artwork on this new collab.

Gilson: We’re here with Miami-based world-famous fine luxury currency and commodities artist Josh Leidolf, also known as TRAN$PARENT to discuss our new collaboration and the world’s first snowboard NFT associated with a physical item. Our first project together, The Benjamin, launched with 100 limited edition units and was a sold-out success, so we expect this 210 unit limited-edition Bitcoin Snowboard series and NFT will go viral as well and sell out right away.

So, let’s get into it. TRAN$PARENT – what inspired you to make this board?

TRAN$PARENT: Thank you team for the kind words. I am an avid snowboarder and have been for decades. In college (2000-2004) I was actually on the Indiana University Ski and Snowboarding Club Team, and it was an incredible experience that made me fall even deeper in love with the slopes. Our team had the opportunity to visit the 2002 Park City Winter Olympics amongst other key locations across the continent and I will never forget those radical experiences of shredding the slopes. I have also personally boarded the Swiss Alps and the only indoor black diamond in the world in Dubai.

So needless to say, when I had the opportunity to collab again with Gilson I was all over it. Along with my infinite love and faith in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for a more fair and beautiful future for humanity, it allowed me to merge three of my favorite things: art, crypto/NFTs, and snowboarding.

Gilson: That is beautiful. Tell us more about yourself and this collaboration coming out?

TRAN$PARENT: Well in the art world I go by TRAN$PARENT, I am a gallery award-winning luxury currency artist, blessed to not be starving, who believes in the power of true transparency. My name is TRAN$PARENT, my art is TRAN$PARENT (uniquely depicting the front of the bill, the back of the bill, and all of the hidden security features located in the middle of the bill or coin, in this case, a Bitcoin) and I use that all as a metaphor for my message as an artist to humanity. To be fully TRAN$PARENT with your loved ones, with your business associates, but most importantly with yourself.

I hope that my collectors use their pieces as a daily reminder to remain true no matter what the situation especially while making their living. I understand that money does not buy happiness, but poverty doesn’t buy anything, and let’s make money ethically. I try and use my sales and voice to empower people around the world to live a better more fulfilling life, while ethically pursuing their destiny and giving back to others, especially in their own communities.

In regards to the board and NFT, the piece depicts the famous hand of God touching the Bitcoin as well as Adam’s hand. This to me represents God gifting the mathematical miracle that is blockchain/Bitcoin technology to Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor, and founder of Bitcoin. The digital piece is titled “Creation of Bitcoin” and is a 10 second 4K MP4 animation of a spinning Creation Snowboard. This piece also represents staying confident both in the market and on the slopes. You must be able to ride the dips of both – when the crypto market goes down and when you’re atop a double black diamond! Live life dangerously! This NFT will be auctioned off and is associated with a limited edition run of 210 Creation snowboards. One for every 100,000 Bitcoins that will ever be mined. The buyer of this NFT receives the #1/210 snowboard.

Gilson: Love it. Please tell us a little more about your collectors, shows, and works.

TRAN$PARENT: Well, residing now in the Ft Lauderdale/Miami area for the past 16 years I have met some characters. Painting and drawing since an early age, collecting rare international currency, and exploring creative photography in over 50 countries in my lifetime, I always had the dream of making the world’s currency as vibrant as the people who use it, the characters that I’ve met and in a unique way that no other artist on Earth was doing.

Depicting this subject matter in an X-ray style single image format on large-scale canvas with ultra-fine details in my mixed media work whether that be digital, or hand-painted. To date, I have created every American denomination from the $1 to the $100,000 bill, international pieces like Euros, Pounds, Swiss Francs, Shekels, Pesos, Yens, Yuans, etc., and multiple credit cards, coins, and cryptocurrency pieces as well. My goal is to be in museums one day. Currently, however, I am already represented in some of the top galleries in the world including locations such as the Hamptons, Chelsea NYC, Greenwich, CT, Key West, Miami’s Design District, and Lincoln Rd, Aspen, Dubai, Marbella/Ibiza, Spain and on Palm Beach’s prestigious Worth Ave.

My works currently hang in the homes, businesses, and yachts of affluent private collectors, celebrities, musicians, hedge fund managers, business owners, tech titans, crypto billionaires, famous athletes, politicians, restauranteurs, hoteliers, and art enthusiasts around the world. My collectors include Sir Richard Branson, Joe Rogan, DJ Khalid, Dwyane Wade, Pitbull, Akon, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gold Medal Olympian Ryan Lochte, Manny Pacquaio and I am currently working on a piece for Post Malone and Steve Aoki. My first piece ever sold publicly went to one of the heads of the Seminole Indians and one of the owners of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino brand for a very hefty sum. Since finally going public, I have sold numerous pieces and have donated my art, energy, and effort to more than 25 reputable charities including: The American Cancer Society, The Alzheimer’s Association, Kids in Distress, Magen David Adom: Saving Lives in Israel, The Hearts and Stars Gala Miami Design District: The Little Lighthouse Foundation, The Boys and Girls Club, The Dan Marino Foundation, The Special Olympics, NYC Bigs, and Littles Mentoring Program, The Pancreatic Cancer, The Jason Taylor Foundation, Les Couleurs Charity to feed and educate underprivileged children in Haiti, Mexico and the Dominican Republic with Dominican Joe’s Charity, to name a few.

My works have been featured at prestigious art shows around the world including: NFT Bazl Miami and Dubai, the Philadelphia Fine Art Fair, Exclusive Private Events at Miami’s Famous Art Basel, Solo Shows in Chelsea and in the Hamptons, as well as Art Market & Design Bridgehampton and The Palm Beach Art & Design Show.

Other key collaborations include: Two custom commissioned Lamborghini Italian 500 Lires at Miami’s Art Basel and a TRAN$PARENT Gallardo, two USA $100 Bills with famed Brazilian Painter and Visual Artist Rogerio Peixoto, a French Franc Bugatti with the Bugatti family, an American flag over the USA $100 with NBA, NFL, MLB, Disney, Nascar, F1 licensed artist Timothy Raines, tons of cool pop Crypto Collabs with top Pop artist Kyle Schindler, NFT Collabs with Brooklyn based giant Aleks3D and a Pro-Peace/Anti Racism piece titled Colorblind with famed NFL athlete turned famous American artist Brian Poli Dixon on an American $5.

Gilson: Wow that is all so awesome! Thank you for your time and info, TRAN$PARENT. We are excited to launch this collab and the first-ever Snowboard NFT Auction. Until then, keep the stoke!

The NFT Auction can be found hereand you can pick up the snowboard while supplies last at

Please note that Gilson Snow, Inc. and TRAN$PARENT are relaying information about their exciting product launch, and are in no way offering financial or investment advice.

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