Teressa Kennedy Values Real Education in ‘Contrast Brings Clarity: The Unexpected Path that Led Me to Homeschooling’

Contrast Brings Clarity by Teressa Kennedy

American author Teressa Kennedy talks about the right way of teaching in her book, ‘Contrast Brings Clarity: The Unexpected Path that Led Me to Homeschooling’

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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Tracy, California Jan 7, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – The education system in the U.S. has been criticized by education professionals and parents over the years. Promising author Teressa Kennedy thoroughly analyzes every aspect of the traditional teaching ideas and methods in her newly launched book, Contrast Brings Clarity: The Unexpected Path that Led Me to Homeschooling. The book was published on Amazon on November 27th and is available in Paperback, Kindle and Audiobook versions. The book explains how the generalized education system is not a perfect fit for every child and it is hindering their future potential at becoming the best versions of themselves. In the book, the proud mom talks about the benefits of homeschooling and how it is more personalized as per the needs and requirements of the children.

The book has reached the number 1 spot on the New releases in Education Organizations and Institutions list and number 2 on the Bestseller in Education Assessment list and number 3 on the Bestseller in Education Organizations and Institutions list on Amazon. The book takes the readers through the journey of the author homeschooling her son to provide him with proactive and tailored teaching. The problems she faced with the contemporary teaching techniques are highly relatable to a countless number of parents. Her story of overcoming those obstacles and giving her son the best education that he deserves is bound to inspire the readers to bring change in their life as well.

Teressa Kennedy is an upcoming author and entrepreneur who has a true passion for education. As a parent, she felt the traditional classrooms were not doing enough for her child’s education. She tried to teach him the way she was taught and then she realized the futility of the conventional methods of teaching. She aspires to make other parents, families, and educators also understand how a more personalized education system is needed to offer the full benefits of education and preserve the individuality of the children through the book, ‘Contrast Brings Clarity: The Unexpected Path that Led Me to Homeschooling’. The goal of the book is to help parents and teachers build a stronger foundation for today’s generation. For more information, visit her website https://proudhomeschoolmom.com/.

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