Mariah K, through her song ‘4:00 AM’ seems like the pioneer of the next generation of pop music

Mariah K

Mariah K shows her passion for pop music with her song ‘4:00 AM’. Rhythmic beats, catchy music, and versatile voice give the reason to fall for the song.

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Crookwell, New South Wales Jan 11, 2022 ( – Mariah K‘s song ‘4:00 AM’ falls in the modern pop category. Using the elements of modern disco music, the song has come out as one of the prolific songs of the genre. The rhythmic music in the background is capable of giving a joyful feeling to its listeners. It is so cheerful and jolly that one cannot but falls for the song. The light-heartedness of the song crates a rhythmic stream in which people would love to swim. The song demonstrates the artist’s inherent talent and passion for music. The composition feels that it is felt by the artist while singing. So, it has got more connectivity with the audience.

Modern pop has become very popular among youngsters and being an emerging artist, Mariah K has understood the essence of the genre. Through her melodic and passionate vocal, the artist has created many moments in ‘4:00 AM for the fans to cherish for a long time. Moreover, it is a kind of song that youth can connect to easily. Catchy music, rhythmic beats, melodic and passionate voice give the song a complete figure as a song from the pop genre.  

The artist has some other songs on Spotify that witness the efficiency of the artist. Songs like, ‘take It slow’, ‘Last Christmas’, ‘Elada’, and ‘Right about That’ are the songs that have brought her the success that all artists need at the beginning of her career. All songs are there on Spotify. To know more about her one can follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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