Intelligent Diva is dominating the Indie Charts in the US and Europe

The artist has 2 different songs from 2 different genres on the Independent Charts

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Jacksonville, Florida Feb 13, 2022 ( – Intelligent Diva is an independent artist who is definitely proving she has the talent and the skills for the music industry. With gospel being her musical roots, the artist has released Sinner’s Prayer which is a gospel rap single. The gospel rap single is currently #23 on the Top 100 World Indie Music Chart, and #16 on the Top 200 Euro Indie Chart. The single is also on the Top 150 Independent Global Chart, CashBox Magazine Chart, and Record World Chart at #113. In addition to this, the artist drops the single Get with You, which is an Urban Pop Single that has landed on the Top 150 Independent Global Chart. Intelligent Diva set out from the beginning to become a multi-genre artist, and she is definitely doing that The artist tells us there is a risk to being a multi-genre artist, you can risk losing some of your fans once they have gotten used to your music. It’s totally fine with her because she wants to be able to gain various fans of her music across multiple genres.  As an independent global artist who owns her own record label, she’s able to take this risk because she doesn’t have the backing of a major label.  

The artist owns her own independent label called Intelligent Diva Music, and she has her own music publishing company. Recently, she decided to start a second record label called Diva Underground Records. The reason for the second record label to totally focus on the digital world is, She would like to produce and release music, videos, podcast, virtual tours, and digital short films on streaming platforms. The use of technology and music works together to generate creative and original projects. Allowing the independent artist to utilize their multiple skillsets in order to generate income for their services. Intelligent Diva is kicking off the launch of the new record label Diva Underground Records with the release of her new single Baby I Love You which is scheduled to be released on 2/14/22. Intelligent Diva states that she has given up on attempting to catch the attention of the major labels. The major labels are looking for artists to have high social media numbers instead of talent. So, she will continue to work her full-time job and release music to the world. Her goal is to build a platform that can be a lucrative business for independent artists. Under Intelligent Diva Music, the label will continue to distribute under the Orchard. But, she wants to be able to also keep releasing projects which are within her budget to be released and also set realistic goals around them where she can show artists how they can be successfully releasing music projects in an agile way. Under Diva Underground Records, she can have various artist collab on singles, EP’s, and Albums that are not signed to the label. But, we are testing the waters to see how the public responds to the music. She would also like to work on opportunities for influencers with high engagement.  Intelligent Diva states she’s stepping out on faith, and when she moves like this there is a business plan and she’s executing.  We can’t wait to see how many more barriers the independent recording artist breaks and continues to reach her goals.  The success of Sinner’s Prayer is continuing to grow, and she does see herself doing more gospel singles in the future. 

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Intelligent Diva Music 7643 Gate Parkway Suite 104-1022 Jacksonville, Florida 32256

Intelligent Diva Music
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Intelligent Diva Music 7643 Gate Parkway Suite 104-1022 Jacksonville, Florida 32256



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