Prince Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon announced an unprecedent partnership with the China Silk Road Group

HRH Prince Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon  Founder of NEREIDES DE BOURBON GROUP

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Paris, France Feb 17, 2022 ( – On February 15th, Prince Nereides, eminent cultural diplomat and leading investor, has made an official announcement on the tremendous collaboration with Dr. Yan Lijin, founder of the largest Chinese conglomerate, China Silk Road Group, which began in 2021.

Prince Nereides has never hidden his deep relations with China and has been a trailblazer in promoting diplomatic and business relations between China and other countries along the ‘silk road’ for the last fifteen years. The epochal announcement of the partnership between the Royal Private Office of H.R.H. Prince Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon and the China Silk Road Group is a milestone in the cooperation between East and West. The joint venture between the Nereides de Bourbon Group and the China Silk Road Group which took a year of negotiations has been fostered and coordinated by Mrs. Ma Li, founder of the Eurasian Economic Cooperation Management Consulting Co. Ltd., and Ms. Irene Pivetti, former president of the Italian Chamber of Deputies and Secretary General of French diplomatic club founded by Prince Nereides, the Nereides Club – International Cultural Diplomacy Corporation based in Paris which gathers international prominent personalities. Both Ms. Irene Pivetti and Mrs. Ma Li have contributed to the mediation between the two multinational conglomerates and have promoted extensive multi-level cooperation starting with an ongoing logistic project which involves the Chinese and the French governments and the private logistic sector.

Since 2007, Prince Nereides has embraced and significantly contributed to strengthening and implementing the ‘One Belt One Road’ strategy while securing a close friendship with the Chinese government and leading industries. The peculiarity of this historical partnership lies in the institutional configuration of Prince Nereides and Dr. Yan’s activities. Both Prince Nereides and Dr. Yan enjoy governmental endorsement from multiple countries in Europe, Asia and Africa, and are directly linked to global intergovernmental institutions and organizations making them two prominent players in the global geopolitical scenario. To date, Prince Nereides has fostered diplomatic cooperation among 100 countries creating new opportunities for over 5’000 entities worldwide in the field of cultural cooperation, philanthropy, financials, industrials, real estate, utilities, energy, materials, technology, consumer discretionary, communication, biotechnology, healthcare, art and entertainment. Meanwhile, his Chinese counterpart has been actively assisting governments, enterprises and other organizations to participate in the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative, and has been focusing on the construction of a digitalized Silk Road while developing an extensive business network in the field of digital trade infrastructures, logistics, transports, real estate, satellite, energy, medical and healthcare, industrial finance, consumer discretionary, and cross border trades. The business segments belonging to both groups, the Nereides de Bourbon Group and the China Silk Road Group, have been implemented with the adoption of blockchain technology creating a new standard in the digital economy. Just a few weeks ago, a public statement announced the joint venture between Nereides de Bourbon Group and LutinX for the use of an advanced blockchain system for digital trade, education, and labour migration recruitment. International cooperation, sustainability, and the digital economy are Prince Nereides’ core business. Prince Nereides often declared to be working on the creation of new socio-economic bridges and promoting digital industry transformation to strengthen international relations between governments and industries, to prevent fraud, to facilitate trades, to empower the circular economy, and to access new financial resources. Dr. Yan has also been contributing to the establishment of a new ecology of the digital economy. China Silk Road Group and the United Nations Trade and Development Conference (UNCTAD), together with other institutions, initiated and promoted the ‘Digital Trading Infrastructure & Online Dispute Resolution’ (DODR). DODR aims to achieve mutual trust and sharing mutual interconnection, mutual help and mutual benefit among global trading partners through the establishment of a credible digital trade system. It promotes cross-border e-commerce and global trade through digital technology and contributes to sustainable development globally. It reflects China’s responsibility and follows the principle of extensive consultation, joint contribution, shared benefits and co-governance for win-win results to unite global partners to build Digital Silk Road along the ‘One Belt and One Road’.

Seizing the opportunity of the digital economy and digital trade, Prince Nereides and Dr. Yan joined their forces to foster new growth areas of high-quality development in the fields of the digital economy, e-commerce, geographic information, and integrated spatio-temporal big data, to actively developing economic partnerships with countries along with the ‘Belt’ initiative, and to jointly building a community of shared interests, shared future and shared responsibility featuring economic integration and cultural inclusion.

“I got acquainted with China from my earliest carrier by learning Mandarin and cooperating with many Chinese partners. I experienced the multiple differences and similarities between our cultures and have often drawn inspiration from them. I am a strong supporter of the Silk Road strategy and I am firmly convinced of the great opportunity represented by extensive cooperation between our two worlds, Europe and China, which are so different but so complementary. Dr. Yan and I, even though our different paths, we share the same values and a common vision made of inclusion and innovation. We met at the crossroad of our extensive projects and we are learning to know each other while building real trust and a solid friendship. Trust plays no less important than experience in our lives. Our groups are committed to creating a new standard in international cooperation. One of our goals is the implementation of socio-economic cooperation among the countries along the silk road and the creation of an integrated global digital trade platform. In contrast to the localization of markets, both Dr. Yan and I strive for the creation of a unified global market creating new interactions between international entities, both in the public and the private sector. We are both supported by top-level partners and global institutions who trust us and we are confident that our partnership will be an example for many others. As Henry Ford once said: “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is a success”. For 2022, we planned to accelerate the brand positioning of European companies in the Chinese market and vice versa, to create a new multimodal distribution and logistics hub in France for cross border digital trade between Europe and China, to implement the use of blockchain technology and to extend it to all our partners, and to explore new emerging financial markets together. I am very proud of our partnership with China Silk Road Group and I wish our esteemed groups a durable and successful friendship”, stated H.R.H. Prince Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon.

Dr Yan Lijin Chairman of China Silk Road GroupMs Irene Pivetti former President of Italian Parliament and Secretary General of Nereides Club


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