Muscle Trail Launches a Range of Products in Canada to Solve Supplement Problem


(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Burlington, Ontario Feb 22, 2022 ( – The Muscle Trail health supplements company is delighted to announce its launch and establishment in Canada to deal with the rising supplement issues. The supplements company offers the best and top-rated quality nutrition supplements to fitness enthusiasts at the most affordable prices.

The fitness industry has been encountering numerous issues and drawbacks in terms of quality, reliability, effectiveness, and price. Muscle Trail is a pioneer in the industry to introduce quality supplements backed with scientifically proven research and formulations. In addition to this, Muscle Trail is dedicated to keeping you updated with the latest informational content that can help you in achieving your fitness goals.

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Manjeet Sherawat, the CEO of Muscle Trail, recently released a statement that said:

“Muscle Trail is aimed at revolutionizing the world of fitness and the entire supplement industry with its range of supplements and content loaded with fact-based information so that you don’t deviate from what’s true and reliable.”

Muscle Trail’s launch in Canada will help to tackle the issues related to health supplements, including the quality of nutritional supplements and more detailed information to raise awareness on health topics. The team at Muscle Trail stretches assistance to support customers at any time.

As for the range of products launched by Muscle Trail in Canada, fitness enthusiasts can get their hands on the following products:

  • Thunder Pre-Workout – Advanced pre-workout formulation designed specifically for intense energy, increased focus, amplified pump, and delayed fatigue.
  • Isolate Strength Prime Series – Undenatured 90% Whey Protein Isolate extracted from premium sources of protein.
  • Fit Max Lean Series – This supplement is a gluten-free, vegan supplement and is a good source of antioxidants.
  • Vegan BCAA Prime Series – Avoid entering the catabolic state with the vegan BCAA series to promote muscle recovery and growth.
  • Isolate Whey Prime Series – Perfect blend of Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate in a 1:1 ratio.
  • EAA Prime Series – Facilitates enhanced protein synthesis, muscle recovery, and fat loss.
  • Multi-Vitamin Prime Series – Nutrition-packed multivitamin capsules to help you maintain good health with prebiotics.
  • ZMA Prime Series – Powerful source of essential vitamins and minerals for enhanced immunity, athletic performance, health, and muscle recovery.

These supplements offered by Muscle Trail are of premium quality and are made out of scientific formulations so that no question arises on the efficiency of these supplements.

Mr. Sherawat said, “All the supplements produced and supplied by Muscle Trail are 100% genuine and are extracted from vegan sources.”

The supplements company is inclined to become your perfect health and wellness companion to meet all your nutritional requirements. Be it gaining muscle mass, losing excess fat, boosting recovery and endurance, or keeping your organs fit along with maintaining your vitamins and minerals profile, Muscle Trail has got you covered.

With an established base of reliability and trust, Muscle Trail is on a mission to bring a revolution to the fitness and supplements industry. The brand believes in quality nutrition and accurate information to all and is leading with this belief in the field.


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Muscle Trail is a supplement company intended to bring a revolution in the fitness industry with its 100% natural and premium range of products. Our products are formulated with scientifically-effective ingredients and conditions optimized for ensuring the delivery of quality nutrition.
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