Jenna Marcus Has an Intriguing Way of Incorporating The Realistic Approach in Her Book ‘Breathe Deep And Swim’

Breathe Deep and Swim

Jenna Marcus has brought a greatly-narrated book ‘Breathe Deep and Swim’, telling the story of two brothers Wolfgang and Van Gogh going on a journey to find their mother.

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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- New Rochelle, New York Mar 26, 2022 ( – The writer Jenna Marcus in her new book is offering a story of two brothers fighting with the hurdles that this worldwide pandemic brought to everyone. ‘Breathe Deep and Swim’ tells the story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Thomas a fourteen years old boy and his sixteen years old brother Van Gogh. Embark on a journey after they found out that their father is dead as he was affected by the Corona Virus. The young boys set off for a journey to find their mother who has left them years back. The story mainly focuses on the introspective journey that Wolfgang has to take to voice his feelings. And by the climax of this story, they had to unveil the truth about their mother and have to deal with that.

This story is young adult fiction but the slow saturation of realism that this story reveals is extremely pragmatic. Her writing quality has elevated the nature of the book and made it compelling. The journey that she has offered in her writing has been widely earnest and genuine. In Breathe Deep and Swim the elder brother Van Gogh has to make sacrifices and vulnerable choices for themselves. And these decisions have made them grow apart with time and the love to fall short for each other. And her readers will remember the brotherly love and their realistic narration in this story. The story will showcase the pandemic scenario quite fluently along with the pain and pathos of teenagers.

The author Jenna Marcus is an academic leader and a vivid reader as well, this is why she has a clear concept of an adolescent boy approaching puberty the mental build the insecurity, the behavioral crisis that they go through, portrayed subtly in her book. She has excelled in the genre of adult fiction through various books but she has shown her mastery in genres like science fiction, mystery, and realistic young adult as well. She is working on another book which will be published this spring. She started writing at an age of sixteen, the book was called ‘My Unusual Talent‘, but she didn’t publish it until 2020. And after publishing the book, she started writing this one.

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