Monday – The Spirit of New York available online and on premises this Monday thanks to Arkay Beverages


A cultural shift is underway – a mindset toward self-care, staying sharp, and living life without compromise

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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Fort Lauderdale, Florida Mar 27, 2022 ( – A cultural shift is underway – a mindset toward self-care, staying sharp, and living life without compromise. This is not a trend – this is a movement that refuses to choose between good health and great taste.

Crafted with care from natural ingredients at our own distillery, Monday the Spirit of New York non-alcoholic is a labor of love — our way of helping alcohol-avoiders to enjoy a proper adult beverage today without worrying about how you’ll feel tomorrow.

Welcome to Monday– The Spirit of New York.

Arkay Beverages started the concept of the alcohol-free spirit in 2011 and have seen an increase in sales over the past three years

The 100 millionth bottle was sold at the end of 2021, the company confirmed in a press release.

Arkay Beverages’ retail division is responsible for stocking grocery stores and other food markets with Arkay alcohol-free spirits. Arkay helps differentiate the brand from other zero-proof spirits alternatives.

“Arkay Beverages decided at the outset that an investment in the retail supply chain is the best way to ensure quality and taste for customers,” said Jovan Rochin, a chief manufacturing officer at Arkay Mexico. “The additional manufacturing capacity coming online this year will allow us to bring even more Arkay Zero Proof Spirits to our Cravers nation


Since 2011, Arkay Beverages has been fine-tuning various zero-proof spirit recipes, including vodka, tequila, gin, whisky, bourbon, and brandy, among many others, for the appreciation of fine liquor without the alcohol.

ArKay, the world’s first alcohol-free, liquor-flavored drink, is designed for everyone to enjoy. The exceptional taste of liquor without the alcohol content makes it a perfect beverage day or night. ArKay has 0% alcohol, and it is designed to allow individuals with medical conditions or religious beliefs that prohibit alcohol consumption and drinking. Imagine being able to enjoy your favorite drink at parties without worrying about drinking and driving. You will not miss a thing, as ArKay tastes and looks exactly like traditional liquor. It is suitable for drinking straight-up, on the rocks, or with your favorite mixers. Arkay Beverages is a family-owned business. Arkay is not part of a large multinational conglomerate.








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