DJ ODOT is Back with Another Intriguing Number ‘Use Me’ a Melodious Synth that Along with an Elevated Aura

Use Me by DJ ODOT

The impressive ways of injecting the essence of R&B/Soul are mastered by the artist DJ ODOT in his latest grooving song ‘Use Me’ fueled with powerful wordplay.

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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Mar 29, 2022 ( – The seasoned music artist DJ ODOT is back with another song that will provide a great and vast musical field in its 4 minutes running time. The song Use Me has showcased excellently his brilliant performances and bright and vivid vibes of the song. The vocal quality of the singer is extremely gravitating. In the song, they are seen to be playing, singing, and dancing along with the song, the truthful ways that they have used while making the video is very impressive. The playful accent of the song is intoxicating and all the vibrant reds in the screen time deliver the message accurately that this song is loaded with warmth and a generous amount of energy.

The enticing way they have performed in the song is very satisfying to look at. The relentless beats of the song will ensure that the audience is provided with the best ambiance possible. The positive dialect of the song is very consuming. The catchy tune while they were saying the words ‘Use Me Up’ generates an ample amount of stimulation in the song. They don’t hide around the tenderness of the genre; they mostly evoke the optimistic essence of this particular musical genre. The ambient nature of the song is its most unique selling point. DJ ODOT has been extremely well-balanced while making this song with a hint of hip-hop touch in it.

The melody, the harmony of the song offers great pleasure and elevates the ambiance of the room in which the song is playing. Being widely influenced by the heavy 70s’ soul music, he has made the song with utmost purity. The urban beats followed by the extensive beats have made the song even more impressive. ‘Use Me’ is a track that will have a great impact on the listeners with all the intense wordplay of the song. This is not just a song; this is an aura that will make sure that the listeners have a great time. The raspy vocals along with intimate yet intriguing sounds have increased the experience of the song. And he will offer more songs that have this sort of feel to it in the future. Follow his musical performances on YouTube.

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