A small town girl named Ritika bodh became viral sensation on all short video platforms.

Ritika bodh viral girl

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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Pilkhuwa, Uttar Pradesh Mar 30, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – In today’s time, things like Tiktok, Reels, YouTube shorts have become very common. Today everyone is making some videos on all these forums, out of which many people have reached heights of success on the basis of these social media platforms. How many people’s followers have reached millions, and how many have become more than that. In today’s time, many people are earning lakhs and crores through these social media platforms. These platforms have given hidden talent an opportunity to come to the fore.

One of these talents is Ritika Bodh, about whom we are going to tell in this article. Many of you must have seen her video, and you must also know who is Ritika Bodh? But hardly any of you know about them in detail. Then we are bringing his biography in detail, keep reading Ritika Bodh Biography

 Ritika Bodh Biography 

Ritika Bodh was born on 24 December 2001 in a small village in Uttar Pradesh. And now he is 20 years old. Let us tell you that some YouTube channels are telling that he is 24-15 years old and he was born in June 1996, which is completely wrong. Ritika celebrates her birth every year on 24th of December and in today’s time she is only 20 years old.

Ritika generally has a passion for making videos like Tiktok, Reels, etc. Apart from this, he also has a passion for acting, dancing, traveling, and painting. She paints very well. Ritika is married and will give more information about marriage in this article below.


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Ritika Bodh’s Career

Ritika Bodh has completely solidified themself as a content creator in the social media platform. He started this work in 2018-19. Earlier she used to make videos in Tiktok and she got a lot of followers in Tiktok, as well as she was very active in Instagram as well. After the Indian government banned Tiktok in the year 2020, he turned his attention to Instagram and YouTube.

In recent times, Ritika regularly keeps posting reels videos on Instagram and shorts videos on YouTube. Even they put vlog videos in the middle of YouTube. Every one of his posts has thousands of likes and views.

If we talk about Instagram, then Ritika has 1.4 million followers in it, and YouTube has more than 237,000 subscribers and more than 187,696,731 views. He also has more than 2.5 million followers in Facebook.

According to Ritika, he does not know how to run his social media accounts well, even he says that he does not even know how to log on his social media accounts properly. Her husband handles all her social media accounts and her husband is the source of inspiration for Ritika. When Ritika first started making videos in 2018-19, it was her husband who used to inspire her for this thing.

According to Ritika, 2-3 years ago, Ritika made 1-2 videos in Tiktok from some other accounts and showed it to her husband (then she was not married), her husband was very impressed by watching the video. After that, he also created a new account in the name of Ritika and started motivating him to make more and more videos.

Ritika’s Love Story, Marriage and Husband

Ritika Bodh’s husband’s name is Shiva Sharma and both have done love marriage. There is a 9 year old relationship between the two, and both have known each other since Ritika was in class 8th or 9th. In fact, both lived in the same place and both of them had a house nearby, and both had a good friendship since childhood. Both always used to meet, roam together, visit each other’s house. Later, when this friendship turned into love, no one knew. When Shiva came to know that Ritika has a passion for Tiktok, Shiva fully supported him and also inspired him to make good videos.

When the families of both came to know about their relationship, everyone supported them, and the best thing was that despite being from different castes, their family members happily accepted their relationship. It is said that the whole locality came to know about their relationship before their family members.

Later, when both wanted to get married, they had to face some problems. Although their family members agreed for the marriage, their relatives and people around them were not accepting their relationship, because even today inter-caste marriage is not accepted easily at Ritika and Shiva’s house. Eventually, when both of them did not see any way, they went with everyone’s permission and got married in the court itself. And in this marriage, the family members of both were also present.

After marriage, when Ritika posted the video of her wedding, there was a lot of rumor in social media that Ritika had run away and got married. But let us tell you that this rumor was completely wrong, Ritika did not run away and married and Ritika herself has clarified this through a video.

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