‘NUMB’ Creates A Mood For Party, Keeana Kee Offers Catchy Hooks, Groovy Beats, And Glamorous Lyrics

NUMB by Keeana Kee

Keeana Kee’s song ‘NUMB’ is for enjoyment and fun. Laidback in style, it creates an enchanting circumference in which all features of pop music have been captured

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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Queensbury, New York Mar 31, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Artist Keeana Kee’s ‘NUMBis a song for enjoyment and fun. The song brings different flavors of joy and ecstasy. With catchy hooks, the song has become the clubs’ favorite. One can enjoy the track while having drinks. It has groovy and catchy beats that one can dance to. Moreover, in the song, the artist has featured Dai Burger who with her rapping has added a justified variation. With the added quirk, the pop song has been brilliant in engaging people with the song. By listening to it one can feel the vibe that the artist has made.

The song carries some unexpected creative elements in its music. Laidback in style, it creates an enchanting circumference in which all features of pop music have been captured. Moreover, the song brings concentrated energy that communicates with the audience through the clean voice of the artist. In an artistic manner, she has maneuvered the song and made it a special one for the listeners. The clubby song buzzes in several clubs from all over the world. Her other tracks ‘Let’s Make Love’, Sweet Heaven’, ‘Ride with Me’, and others are some of the tracks that have been praised and loved by the listeners.

The lyrics are more enjoyable than any other element of the song. Harnessing her deep understanding of the genre, the New York-based artist has combined pop, Afropop, and Latin influences in the song. The song can be played from the club hall to the party beach. Away from the controversy, the artist focuses only on improving her crafts. However, she is never shy to speak the truth. And it is vivid in the songs she composes. The affirmative quality in her song has always been an integrated part of her style. Her songs also inspire her listeners to become their true selves. So, listen to the song ‘NUMB’. The song is streaming on SoundCloud. Her songs are also available on Spotify. To know more about the singer, Keeana Kee, do follow her on her official Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Apple Music, and YouTube accounts.

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