Founder Of Ignitethefund.Com Announces It is A Crowdfunding Website For People In Need


(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Washington, D.C, Dec 1, 2020 ( – On 22nd November this year, Dr. John U. Nwankwo announced the launching of; a crowdfunding website for personal needs. While several such websites are providing a platform for crowdfunding for business, charity, housing, and personal needs; this one is different as it aims to provide a platform for such funding for people financially affected by the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic. It is a known fact that the pandemic has adversely affected millions of people in the world with the United States being the worst hit. Most such people can find a way out with the help of a trusted crowdfunding website for personal needs. That is what founded by Dr. Nwankwo is all about.

The mission and vision of the new crowdfunding website were explained by Dr. Nwankwo in his inaugural speech on its launching day on 22nd November. He clarified that the site is designed to provide a platform for people that have run out of resources due to the Covid19 pandemic. The website has been designed to help them to meet all types of needs. Thus they can use the new site as a crowdfunding website for business startups, education, housing, charity, or any personal need.

“It is my great honor to introduce to you,, your #1 online compassionate-giving, new world revolutionary crowdfunding fundraising website for charity with the sole intention to promote and support fundraising and funding for individuals and families, human economic needs, social causes, including human rights, racial and tribal equalities, projects, charities, communities, groups, and entities in need of financial help, to promote positive local and global change for the people, what is important to them, their lives, our communities, and nations!”, said Dr. Nwankwo in his introductory speech on launching of

He also thanked his family members and especially his wife Dr. Jane John-Nwankwo for their support and involvement in designing the all-purpose crowdfunding website for the personal needs of Covid19 affected people across the globe. The novel idea on which the website is designed will be particularly useful for those looking for a crowdfunding website for business startups.


Founded by Dr. John U. Nwankwo, is the fundraising website that not only aims at raising funds from willing contributors for any specific purpose like functioning as a crowdfunding website for education, or a crowdfunding website for housing for needy people but any purpose including their requirements,  business startups, or even charity.

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