Nature inFocus Explores New Pit Viper Species and Plight of the Hornbills

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Bengaluru, Karnataka Apr 26, 2022 ( – Observing the diversity of wildlife India has to offer is only a dream for many. Nature inFocus is changing that with in-depth articles and photo features about animal species to be found in the country. The online resource provides information on topics ranging from conservation issues to amazing discoveries that brings nature up close and personal.

Most people immediately have a fear reaction when they hear the term pit viper. While the reptiles can be deadly, they also hold a mesmerizing beauty. India boasts more than 28 species of pit vipers. Feeding on frogs, rodents, and birds, pit vipers are often found as roadkill.

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Salazar’s Pit Viper is the newest species to be discovered. Found in2019 by researchers in the Arunachal Pradesh forests, the reptile is named in honor of Slytherin House, made famous in J.K.Rowling’s Harry Potter book series. Bright green on the back with a yellowish underbelly, the pit viper has a reddish-orange lateral stripe on the head.

For birdwatchers, India is home to multiple hornbill species that are popular photo subjects due to their flashy appearance. They get their name from the horn-like projection on their beak. The name blue hornbill bird is a misnomer, though female Wreathed Hornbills have blue throat patches, Narcondam Hornbills have blue patches below their lower mandible, and both sexes of Rufous-necked Hornbills have blue around their eyes.

There are 62 species of hornbills in India and they play a critical role in forest regeneration. Many of the species are threatened, including the great hornbill, by habitat loss and being hunted for their body parts and feathers. The hornbills are listed as vulnerable by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

A few are in captivity, but breeding is difficult, and less than a dozen attempts have been successful. The great hornbill forms long and dedicated pair bonds and is the largest of the hornbill species. Some conservation efforts are being made and the Hornbill Nest Adoption Program in Pakke, led by an indigenous tribe, has enjoyed enormous success.

India is a wonderland of animal species, many of which the average individual will never see outside of a zoo. For those species that remain living wild and free in their natural habitat, Nature inFocus is showcasing them to bring awareness around the world.

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