The world’s first multi-strategy quantitative robot-BBot quantitative robot was launched


The BBot quantification robot was launched in shock, replacing human subjective judgments with advanced mathematical models, thus forming a perfect set of intelligent operating codes, replacing manual operations and completely liberating hands.

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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Alamosa, Colorado Apr 28, 2022 ( – At a time when artificial intelligence is becoming more and more popular, the concept and image of robots have been widely used, whether in daily life or shopping. So in the cryptocurrency field known as “Bitcoin Gold”, of course, the existence of robots is indispensable. Because it can not only improve efficiency but also guarantee income, which coincides with the rapidly developing cryptocurrency field, it is highly sought after by the market.

The reason why cryptocurrency is popular all over the world is that its price is not controlled by any unit or individual, it is all determined by the user’s supply and demand relationship. The law of history remains unchanged. After a big rise, it will inevitably fall, and after a big fall, it will inevitably pull back, while robots It is from a technical point of view to execute automatic buying and selling transactions at the millisecond level in the rise and fall rules of cryptocurrencies so that you can lie there in time, and the robot can help you make money without interruption!

The BBot quantitative robot replaces human subjective judgments with advanced mathematical models and uses computer technology to select various “high probability” events that can bring excess returns from huge historical data to formulate strategies, which greatly reduces investor sentiment. The impact of volatility and avoid making irrational investment decisions when the market is extremely manic or pessimistic. This forms a perfect set of intelligent running code, which replaces manual operation and completely liberates both hands.

BBot quantitative robot is the latest technology product of Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. , and combined with traditional stock finance DCA, Martingale, Alpha, and other trading strategies, BBot quantitative robot has more than 10 billion strategy combinations and conducts more than 10 million real backtests to perfect the best investment strategy combination.

The advantages of BBot quantitative robot:


  • 1Overcome human greed and fear, strictly implement investment strategies, and not be affected by changes in investor sentiment.
  • 2Systematic strategy: multi-level quantitative model, multi-angle observation, and massive data processing, combined with big data processing technology to capture more investment opportunities.
  • 3Track market changes in a timely and fast manner, constantly discover new strategic models that can provide excess returns, look for new trading opportunities, and ensure the accuracy of orders.
  • 4Use DCA, Martingale, Alpha, and other investment strategies to ensure the stability of investors’ encrypted asset income, without fear of the impact of market volatility on transactions, so that you can easily fall asleep in a bear market.
  • 5The concise visual terminal frees you from the troubles of spreadsheets and complex codes, and BBot will show you the constantly increasing revenue data in real-time and accurately.

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Binance Bot
BBot quantitative robot is the latest technology product of Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.


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