Revolutionary new approach in Recreational Fitness on Water.

Sea Jogger

A new type of the Sea Jogger. Walk on water with unique system of water propulsion. Sea Jogger could be the best cardio and total body recreational exerciser on water.

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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Dorval, Quebec May 3, 2022 ( – Biosig Instruments Inc., a leader in Fitness technologies since 1975, is introducing a new type of the Sea Jogger-water walking system. This unique recreational exerciser provides effective cardio and total body workout on the water. Stability and ease of use allow people of all ages to enjoy fitness workouts in the fresh air, surrounded by water. Just step on and walk in the water, exercise, and have fun. Walk, Jog, Relax with the patented Sea Jogger. This unique and easy-to-use personal water propulsion system is portable and lightweight, easy to assemble and store. Sea Jogger also utilises a patented quiet and effective fin propulsion system that allows you to walk on water as you walk in a park. Using the Sea Jogger is so easy just step on and walk naturally on water. There is no need to take your shoes off or get wet. The Sea Jogger is very stable and safe. Use it on your lake or carry it in your car or a boat to explore beautiful nature.
You can also use Sea Jogger as a Kayak with an optional paddle and seat. Sea Jogger is an implementation of durable inflatable pontoons with a flexible floor to activate fins propulsions.
The front rudder allows you to turn on a spot and produce a back walking. Sea Jogger has been tested on lakes and oceans and demonstrated the integrity and safety of its design.

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Biosig Instruments Inc. [email protected] and manufacturer of unique health and fitness products since 1975. Winner of international awards, medals & diplomas from invention conventions held in USA, Geneva, Brussels, Germany, Argentina, and Japan. Gregory Lekhtman is an inventor and founder of Biosig Instruments Inc. Its technologies are instrumental in the development of the latest trends in fitness.
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