Top Liverpool sculptor wins AWESOME Award at the Star Positive Awards in Liverpool

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The prestigious Awards recognises inspirational people in the community and Ange Donohue was applauded for her work making bespoke body casts

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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Southport, Merseyside May 7, 2022 ( – A top Liverpool sculptor has walked away with an AWESOME award at the recent Positive Awards. The prestigious night honoured inspirational people in the community and Angela Donahue is just that. Since she founded Hope Street Body Casting Studio, her bespoke become a very popular gift to mark a special occasion or celebration. 

Angela cleverly and artistically turns people into pieces of fine art via real-life casts that can be captured within a frame, as ornaments or wall-mounted sculptures. She offers something that is truly unique, something that people can cherish forever. 

She explains, “A body casting is a really beautiful, unique, and lasting gift to give someone. Some people bring their children into the studio to create an ornament of them holding hands and then they will give it as a gift to their partner. On occasion, grandparents who are looking after their grandchild will bring the child in to have a cast done in order to provide a unique gift for the parents.”

Many people also wish to have a cast created in order to have something tangible to honour and cherish when a loved one has sadly passed away. Angela says, “I began to think about the concept of combining psychology with art after studying grief and loss as part of my psychology degree and I came to realize that creating real-life casts of deceased loved ones can help many people through the grieving process”  

Angela offers a truly sensitive and personal service that enables people to preserve their memories of a loved one that they can cherish for eternity. Her expert work provides people with something tangible and a wonderful alternative to photographs or videos. As she says, ” To turn a loved one who we have lost into a piece of art is a unique way to celebrate them and their lives.”

Whatever choice of sculpture that you decide upon can be uniquely designed by you, or the team at the studio can help you to create a design that reflects your bond with the person you wish to create a casting for. 

The process of body casting is simple and non-invasive and, thanks to Angela and her team’s professional and caring approach to their work, the resulting sculpture reaches a high level of realism. The team will also collect fingerprints and make notes of the likes of moles, freckles, or scars in order to ensure the sculpture is accurate and lifelike. 

Angela receives a varied range of requests for castings, “Very often, families choose to cast their hands, either holding each hand in a circle to reflect the bond or placing hands on top of the other to symbolise a family generation by generation. I have found that this type of casting is especially popular among families who wish to welcome a newborn baby into their lives and they will choose to have a cast made of the baby’s adorable little feet or hands. This also makes for a beautiful gift to send to relatives and friends.”

Angela adds, “Most of our sculptures are individual one-off creations but we can also integrate casts, allowing us to produce larger sculptures that could include additional family members, such as a newly born baby, or perhaps people would like a favourite pet to be added.

“Torso castings are an extravagant feature which makes for a ‘talking’ feature in any home, whether it be a pregnant stomach, breasts, chests, reconstruction surgery or sensitive requests. These sculptures can be so elegant and sensuous in displaying a sophisticated replicate of the human body.”

Angela’s is very clear about her feelings when asked to create a cast. “Every cast has a story and my ethos is to cast the moment, whether that involves life castings that celebrate family events or those special celebrations and memories.”

“The founding of Hope Street Body Casting has taken me on a journey I didn’t really expect,” says Angela. “I have always been artistic but I had never done anything about it until I had the idea of creating body part casts to literally set special memories in stone. I didn’t expect it to take off the way it has – that is for sure! I have received lots of local and national press over the past few years and later this year, I am going to be featured on MTV, which I am very excited about. 

Angela is a wonderful and caring lady and treats everyone as a friend. Her Hope Street Casting Studio offers something very different and very beautiful and is a place of work that reflects her compassionate and welcoming personality.

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IMG 5873Ange received her award from Amanda Moss and Darren Lawrenson

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