Get Ready for a Nail-biting Horror Adventure with Jeremy Robertson’s ‘Dark Tales from Dreamdale’

Dark Tales from Dreamdale

Enjoy this summer with Jeremy Robertson’s latest literary representation ‘Dark Tales from Dreamdale Part One: Nightmares Are Everywhere Here!’, available on Amazon.

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Lubbock, Texas May 24, 2022 ( – Up-and-coming talented author Jeremy Robertson is bringing a chillwave through every reader’s spine with his latest literary creation Dark Tales from Dreamdale Part One: Nightmares Are Everywhere Here!. It is the first part of the Dark Tales from Dreamdale series and the sequels are coming soon. It is a deftly crafted horror adventure story that offers an amalgamation of horror, thrill, adventure, and fantasy as well. The book has been published on November 27, 2021, and already captivated a major portion of the global readers. Powerful, engaging, and greatly inspiring; this book is the ultimate summer treat for every reader.

Jeremy started his career as a professional author in 2015 when he first started writing his book. Hailing from Texas, his book and writing are based on dark fantasy tales with ample elements of transition that can captivate everyone with a long-lasting impact. The book ‘Dark Tales from Dreamdale Part One: Nightmares Are Everywhere Here!’ consists of a total of 13 chapters and each the based on a different story, however, connected with a single thread. There are lots of emotive moments that stir deeper emotions. The story is based on the protagonist or a brave boy named Arden Wonder who embarks on a journey to slay the dream monster that has escaped from the underworld prison. Building a bridge between the dream and reality, this book is full of supernatural elements that depict a setting of a nightmarish apocalypse. The monster or Count Comatose is about to bring the dark days back. Will Arden be successful enough to get success on his journey? Find out more by purchasing the book on Amazon.

This talented author has previously published many books namely ‘My Gifted Ghoul Friend’, ‘Trouble in Tinseltown: A Ghost Story’, ‘Playing Dead is Fun!’ and many others. The other parts of ‘Dark Tales from Dreamdale’ are already out and avail on his Amazon author’s page to get purchased. The author is looking forward to coming up with more books in the coming days. To know more about Jeremy Robertson, follow him on Amazon and his official website.

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