TikTokers Normalizing Use of Hair Toupees for Baldness Recovery 

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  • Juha Seppänen, 29, from Finland, popular on TikTok with dozens of hair transformation videos 
  • Shows how men can gain back hair confidence with non-surgical hair replacement systems 
  • Lordhair is emerging as a popular hair system brand for human hair toupees and wigs 

Hair plays a crucial role in shaping our self-image as well as social impressions. A lot of people (with a full head of hair) think that losing hair affects women’s self-esteem and confidence more than it affects men. That’s a myth!

According to a survey conducted by the National Library of Medicine, 70% of men believe hair to be an important feature of their image. What’s more, 62% of males agreed that hair loss could affect their self-esteem. Thankfully, some TikTokers are making the effort to normalize male hair loss and also supporting the transformation journey through popularization of hair replacement systems (also known as toupees, hair systems, wigs, or toppers). 

Juha and His Wig-powered Makeovers

A TikToker with growing influence, Juha Seppänen from Finland has made a name for himself by sharing hair recovery videos. The realness of the hair system and life-like movement has been garnering Juha a lot of attention on Tiktok. 

His before and after video in which he also showed steps to attach a hairpiece garnered over 250,000 views and hundreds of comments on TikTok. Juha’s transformation has stunned thousands of men and women across the internet and triggered conversations around use of non-surgical hair replacement systems for recovery. 

Check out his video on Instagram! 




Juha’s Hair Recovery Journey 

In an interview with Lordhair, Juha shared his hair recovery journey. He said that he was just a teenager when he first noticed his thinning hair. “Baldness runs in my family so I was somewhat prepared to face it in my late 20s or 30s. But losing hair at the age of 18? That was totally uncalled for.” 

Being a man of sheer will, Juha didn’t immediately accept his thinning hair. He tried his best to overcome the hair loss and thinning. He sprayed brown dry shampoo on his hair, took vitamins and supplements that thicken the hair, switched to a laid-back hairstyle, and even sprayed hairspray on top. 

“It was a pretty messy job. After a while, I said there was no point in this. That even if the hair looks pretty good from afar, at close range they all look just awful.”

At the same time, Juha also noticed how hair recovery products were mostly marketed to women, decorated with pictures of women, and placed alongside their makeup shelves. He said that men were only offered obscure internet ads that were far from reliable. 

Juha then decided to shave his head. And if you think his hunt for the right hair recovery solution for men ended there, you’re wrong! The 29-year-old kept googling his options and finally decided to go with non-surgical hairpieces. He searched for good wig suppliers in Finland first only to find that Finnish hairpieces cost more than 600 euros and there is no difference in their lifespan when compared to ones being shipped from other countries. 



“I had always been interested in wigs. Abroad, wigs are much more common. Many of the “new hairstyles” in celebrity titles are really a wig. But Finnish hair replacement products come with a higher price tag.” Juha points out. 

Juha continued to compare companies and exchanged messages with them. “Finding the right type of hair system was surprisingly difficult.” However, after much research, he came across Lordhair’s website. 

Lordhair.com actively answered my questions. In the end, I ended up ordering something from them and hoped for the best”, Juha smirks. When the hairpiece arrived, Juha took it to his cousin, who works as a hairdresser. He cut his hairpiece to fit his head and style.


The Tiktok Conversations Began 

Right after trying on his hair system for the first time, Juha uploaded his transformation video on TikTok. Thousands of people flooded the comments section with compliments on his transformation. 

This started the conversations around hair recovery after major hair damage.  

“There were a lot of obstacles in my hair recovery journey. I’m happy that I finally made it to the end.” Some men also asked him if he hates his bald look and if he thinks his hairpiece can replace his hair to which he replied, “A big misinterpretation that most males, and in fact, females have is that bald means bad and that’s not true. It looks good on me.”

“About replacing hair, I think the hair system can never replace my own hair, and it’s never my hair. It’s also a good thing: If I ever get bored, I can go back to being bald.” he further added. 

Juha bought two premium hair systems – SuperSkin-V and Champion from Lordhair’s website. Today, his videos are motivating thousands of men suffering from hair loss. For him, it’s only about helping others find what makes them happy. Juha believes that with the right hair recovery solution, men can overcome the confidence damage caused by hair loss and thinning.

Read Juha’s complete hairpiece recovery story here!


Aaron O’Bryan is Rocking TikTok too  

We believe most of our readers from Canada have heard about the popular celebrity hairstylist and TikTok personality, Aaron O’ Bryan. But do you know that Mr. O’Bryan is also suffering from hair loss? Yes, you read it right! He shared his hair loss story last month on Marilyn Denis Show – a top daytime television talk show in Canada. He also talked about using Lordhair’s hairpieces during his interview. 

For Aaron, hair used to be a big part of his personality. He began losing his hair at 32. “As a hairdresser, the pride I have in my hair and the joy I get in styling it is hard to explain, so when I began losing my hair, I started doing all I could in the hope to save what represented me,” said the popular Canadian TV celebrity and TikToker.

Aaron used everything he could get his hands on to somehow change his hair situation. He applied hair powder and hair sprays, switched to backcombing, and even underwent multiple hair transplants. However, nothing seemed to give that perfect hair look.

“Some people thought that I was overreacting. Others said that this is such a first-world problem but to me, it really matters. Although I made hats my new ally, I used to cry when I went in front of the mirror and saw my patchy bald head. I knew I had got to do something about it; to retrieve the confidence I once had. I needed to take care of me.”

Aaron wanted a hair recovery solution that has no side effects and can make his life easier. This is when he decided to do some research. They say at the end of the day, you always get rewarded for the hard work. After engaging in research for months, the popular Canadian TV celebrity, TikToker, and hairstylist finally decided to buy a hair system from Lordhair. 

Check out this video to see Aaron’s hair transformation: 




Aaron bought and wore our Champion stock hair system which has a full French lace base and is very popular for its realism and lightweight, airy nature. He was so happy with his new hair transformation that he even made a TikTok video on it. And to his surprise, it went viral! 

Within a couple of months, Aaron garnered thousands of views and comments. Some men told him that he looked great in a hairpiece and that they weren’t able to figure out if it was real or fake hair. Others even told him that they can relate to his story as they also struggle with hair loss. 

“It is often as much of a psychological struggle as it is a physical one. And like I said, over time you stop feeling like yourself. I’m glad that my TikTok video was able to give some hope to men suffering from hair loss across the world. And I’ll continue making videos to spread the word about this non-surgical hair recovery solution for men in the future.”

Aaron’s new hairpiece toupee brought back his lost confidence. We are also very thankful to him for starting conversations around hair systems on Tiktok and Instagram. 

Read Aaron O’ Bryan’s complete hairpiece hair recovery story

While hair systems are pretty common nowadays, it’s possible some readers might not be familiar with them. So, let’s get to know them! 


What is a Hair System?

Also known as modern-day wigs, toupees, and hairpieces, hair systems are designed using real human hair hand-woven onto bases made of premium skin-friendly materials. 

Unlike surgical hair recovery methods, laser therapies, and medications, they have no side effects whatsoever. Hair systems are usually attached using adhesive tape, glue or clips. 


Who Should Try Hair Systems? 


Hair systems and hairpieces are a popular option for men who are suffering from aggressive hair loss and thinning. 

For men wondering who should invest in a non-surgical hair replacement, we have prepared a list for them! Hair systems and hairpieces can be worn by men who want to: 


#1 Conceal big bald patches 

There are many issues that lead to significant hair loss among men. For some, it’s hereditary. For others, it can be triggered by chemotherapy, telogen effluvium, medications, and also disorders like trichotillomania and traction alopecia. Temporary or permanent hair loss caused by these issues can be concealed using hair systems. 


#2 Fix minor hair issues 

If you are thinking that hair systems are only made for men with major hair loss, you are wrong. Even hair thinning at the front or crown hair loss can be quickly concealed using hair systems. Got small bald patches over a specific area? Fret not because partial hairpieces can cover that too! 


#3 Experiment with different hairstyles 

Some men don’t have hair loss problems but they often get an itch to try something new with their hair. Hair systems allow such gents to experiment and test out different hairstyles with various colors and lengths. 


Hair System Maintenance and More

Lordhair believes that hair systems are valuable possessions, not only from an economic viewpoint but also from a personal viewpoint. They quickly and drastically change the way men look, bring back lost hair, and make them feel good about themselves. 

But do you know that hair systems and hairpieces ask for maintenance too? Just like real hair needs regular care to promote scalp hygiene, self-esteem, and longevity, hair system maintenance for balding men is also necessary. 

Our hair system experts believe that if a hair unit is clean, and looks shiny like real hair, chances are an individual will feel much more confident. We suggest men consider these tips in order to maintain and keep their hair systems in the best shape:  

  • Always use shampoo, conditioner, and a wide-toothed comb or tangle teaser.
  • Take your hair unit to a professional whenever you need to style it in a big way. 
  • Keep your hair systems on a wig head. 
  • Avoid using any kind of hair spray.
  • Wash timely to avoid sebum (oil) to build up.


Shop Hairpieces from Lorhair 

Lordhair designs modern hair replacement products for men living with temporary and irreversible hair loss conditions. Lordhair’s male hair units are shipped to over 100 countries and come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Browse Lordhair’s complete collection of hair systems for men and wigs for women to discover unique products. Got any queries to ask? Send them to [email protected] and have them answered by experts. 


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[email protected]

+86 532 80828255


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