The Album ‘G’Day G’Day’ by O’Neill Fernandes Is a Tribute to the Australian Artists and Bands

Standing On The Outside  Lady by ONeill Fernandes

‘G’Day G’Day’ is the latest album of the Pop music artist from Perth, O’Neill Fernandes. The album, comprising 20 songs, is a tribute to Australian artists and bands.

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Perth, Western Australia Jun 2, 2022 ( – A versatile multi-genre artist and instrumentalist, O’Neill Fernandes has come up with another album, G’Day G’Day. The album is the fifth project of the artist as a tribute to Australian artists and Bands. There are a few great Australian music bands that have inspired O’Neill to become a musician and he has loved the music of those artists and bands.  In the album, he gave an extended tribute to them. So, the songs from the album are from different generations and genres. O’Neill has picked songs released from 1969 to 2015 to make the instrumental covers to pay tribute to the unforgettable artists who have enriched the music of Australia.

 The title song, ‘G’Day G’Day’, is a popular Australian folk song that gives the flavor and authenticity of Australian country music. The song has left an impact on his taste in music and life. The album contains other songs like ‘Raining On the Plains’, ‘I Love You Rebecca’, ‘People Like Us’, and others are some of the highly impressive songs composed by the Pop music artist from Perth. Some of the songs belong to delightful country music that makes your mind open to music. The gritty notes of guitar and buzzing musical backings leave no stone unturned to make the tribute special.

Some songs are picked from the list of popular songs of the 70s. ‘Songs like Lady (O’Neill Fernandes)(Little River Band) (1978), ‘Standing On The Outside (O’Neill Fernandes)‘, and ‘I’m Coming Home'(Beeb Birtles &Graeham Goble) (1979) are the tracks that everyone enjoyed when it was released. The covers have not lost the essence and charm of the original creation. However, his versatility with the instruments has added some positive qualities to his songs. So, check the latest album out on Soundcloud. ‘G’Day G’Day’ comprises a total of 20 songs. For more updates, do follow O’Neill Fernandes on SoundCloud, YouTube, and Facebook.

Just go for this sets ‘G’Day G’Day’ by O’Neill Fernandes:

Standing On The Outside  Lady by ONeill FernandesStanding On The Outside  Lady by ONeill Fernandes

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