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There are many travel companies, but only one Travel Gig!

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Missoula, Montana Jun 1, 2022 ( – Travel Gig, LLC announced it has established exclusive promotional rights to the HappiTrips® wholesale travel platform and is now officially re-launching the company’s much-anticipated referral program. After nearly 2 years of stifling impact from the global pandemic, pent-up consumer demand for travel has hit new highs while economic pressures have put value and affordability center stage.

Established in 2019, HappiTrips® was developed with a central focus on providing customers with direct access to wholesale travel rates. The platform offers 1,000’s unique trips all over the world as well as numerous trips within driving distance throughout the United States. Powered by its own unique and proprietary technology developed over the past 6-years, the system cuts out middleman costs and passes wholesale rates directly to consumers.

A driving theme of the platform is the connection between travel and happiness. The website cites numerous independent third-party scientific studies that establish a link between travel and a wide range of positive health benefits including elevated happiness, stress & anxiety relief, heart health, enhanced creativity & inspiration, and improved social connections and relationships.

Over 90% of people surveyed about what they would do if they had all the time and money in the world, answer “travel”. Understanding the connection between time and money, HappiTrips® slashes the typical retail cost of traveling, making vacations more accessible to everyone.

Notably, there is no cost to enroll. HappiTrips® is completely free to join. The platform is designed in a fully transparent way so that customers can explore the trips and see the value for themselves long before making a purchasing decision. They can then book any trip at the wholesale rate, or consider upgrading their account for a small fee in order to access the HappiPrice® which is far below even the wholesale rate. Typically the HappiPrice® savings for a single trip far exceeds the cost of the upgrade, designed as the next in a series of “no-brainer” steps customers can take when they are comfortable with no pressure, and no catches.

“They are literally losing money not to upgrade,” remarked Camaron Corr, President of Travel Gig®. “The platform is deliberately designed to build trust with customers incrementally. This is only possible because the value speaks for itself. We know that by simply exposing customers to the full information there is only one natural, logical decision for them to make.”

Customers have the additional option of upgrading their account to V.I.P status which also gives them access to the HappiTravel® wholesale hotel booking engine. Unlike the trip listings found on the standard platform, the booking engine allows customers to search hotels for the specific dates they want to travel. It functions just like any other online travel site except instead of returning retail rates it gives the customer access to book hotels as low as 60% below retail or more. The HappiTravel® booking engine includes over 500,000 of the hotel and resort brands consumers know and trust all around the world.

The transparent consumer value of the HappiTrips® platform has given rise to intense anticipation of the Travel Gig® referral program, offering participants an opportunity to be compensated for referring HappiTrips® customers.

Travel Gig® is a next-generation mobile application designed with busy people in mind. The technology is rooted in 26 years of intellectual property developed by 212 Technologies, LLC which announced last year the platform had been used by its clients in generating nearly half a billion dollars ($500,000,000) in combined gross sales over the previous 3 years alone. However, Travel Gig® is now one of only two companies being provided exclusive access to the technology.

The Travel Gig® mobile app allows users to easily share HappiTrips® with others, and offers lucrative compensation for doing so. It directly integrates with the mobile device contact list, and social media accounts, and provides humorous but informative step-by-step videos along the way. It provides a simple and easy way to approach friends who like to travel, like saving money, want to travel but can’t afford to, or are looking for extra income.

Recognizing the natural limitation of people eventually running out of people to talk to, Travel Gig® offers a revolutionary optional program called the Customer Factory® which allows users to obtain customers directly from the company. Revenues are used to fund massive social media advertising campaigns facilitated by Click Bait Media, LLC which in turn distributes HappiTrips® customers to participating users who have then compensated accordingly on their purchases.

“Travel Gig® is revolutionary,” commented CTO, Mike Darling. “Every aspect of the program is based on uncompromising customer value. Free to join, no catches or tricks, and an exciting referral program with no purchase requirements. It’s entirely driven by value so obvious that people can’t be without it… and can’t help but tell their friends about it!”

The overall development of the combined platforms was done with an important strategic consideration. HappiTrips®, Travel Gig®, 212 Technologies®, and Click Bait Media are all wholly-owned subsidiaries of Gig Factory®, LLC, a privately held diversified holding company that has been funded to ensure the long term stability and growth of each company. Each entity provides a critical component to the overall consumer value proposition. Providing all of the needed services under a single umbrella creates a strategic advantage by creating stability, removing third-party failure points, and increasing the barrier to entry for competitors seeking to imitate the breakthrough model.

About HappiTrips®

HappiTrips® provides access to premium vacations at wholesale rates because studies show travel elevates your happiness, relieves stress & anxiety, can improve heart health, provide enhanced creativity & inspiration, and strengthens your social connections and relationships. Be Happy. Travel.® For more information, visit

About Travel Gig®

At The Travel Gig®, we’re passionate about helping people afford amazing vacations and helping you to earn an income doing it! There are many travel companies, but only one Travel Gig®. Part-time, full time, some of the time, all of the time… there’s nothing like a great gig. For more information, visit


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