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Dezpad is a team of creative designers who have ensured that the practice has maintained its position as one of Malaysia’s leading interior design for 3D Drawing, 3D Modeling & Animation studios.

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Character design plays a crucial role in building a game or a 3D video film. Characters combined with the environment create the whole vibe of the game or video. That’s why developers must be assured about the characters’ features, looks, and habits. They should look as well as feel amazing. As a result, the task of 3D character design comes with several complications and a detailed-oriented approach. Therefore many people approach 3D character design services from professionals. However, even if you still opt for professional 3D character design services, you should know the basics. This blog will discuss the process outline of 3D character design. 

First Step- Character Concepting

When we know the idea and understand the reference for the character, the concept artists start their work. The main task of the concept artist is to convert the verbal briefing into visuals. They convert thought into reality. First, concept artists create the primitive appearance of the character. This also decided the further direction of development for the characters. Then, they provide details to the mere description of the character. First, the concept artist creates image reflections of glimpses of the future 3D character design development. Second, if the client approves the image, they provide detail to that character image. 

The detailing includes several body positions, movement directions, expressions, body structure, weapons, attire, costumes, colors, etc. The image at this stage can also contain a color palette or be completely colorless. However, at this stage, the concept artist lays out all the cards for the development of the character. The whole process requires a lot of software like Adobe Photoshop, Corel, etc. 

Second Step- Character Modeling

Now the next step is character modeling which is similar to digital alchemy. The process of developing a full-fledged character model starts from the given concept blueprint. Here, all the character development takes place to make it real-time identity [in the game]. The concept blueprint is a detailed document. However, it still doesn’t contain all the required movement or angle information. These developments occur at the character modeling stage. The 3D character design at this stage involves modeling and sculpting. 

The number of polygons determines the quality of the 3D models. The number of polygons is directly proportional to clarity. The film industry prefers 3D character design with high polygon numbers to look more realistic. The 3D models designed for the film industry are very smooth and have high photorealism. But the rendering of the models can take a long time in this case. However, when it’s about creating characters for games, the modelers try to work with the minimum possible number of polygons. It is because they offer higher efficiency and productivity. This makes the fast movements during the game easy and smooth by giving more responsiveness. But it doesn’t mean models are not detail-oriented with high resolution in games. The game designing is more about balancing the detailing and the efficiency. This step includes three main processes;

  • Topology section
  • Scaling of the mesh
  • T-shape

Third step- character texturing 

The texturing of the model helps in executing the quality, accuracy, and realism of the 3D model. Texture can be defined as a bitmap that works through the surface application. It is posted on an unpainted model and provides volume or illusion. The texturing can be classified into two types;

  • Relief Mapping

It works with high realistic design creation for the character. It comes in several forms like usual, bumps, or parallax. 

  • MIP Mapping

It works by getting inspiration from different copies belonging to an identical texture image. However, the detailing level differs in all the images. 

Fourth step- Rigging 

At this step, the characters are provided with a skeleton. This develops the movement feature in the characters with the help of animators. The structure known as a rig is used for this process. It is a type of virtual skeleton that helps integrate the complete body of the 3D character design. A smooth and reliable character movement requires at least 20 to 100 bones. However, higher bone numbers don’t mean better movement. Instead, the higher bone number is difficult to offer manual manipulation. Therefore, it is crucial to keep the rig consistent concerning the model. 

Fifth Step- Character Animation

Now it’s time to add animation to the character, further smoothen its movement. Animation can be defined as the display of the collection of different static images at the same time. However, the images come with minor differences from each other. At this stage, the main aim of the developer is to get the highest movement efficiency of 3D character design. The developer uses keyframe animation in the 3D character design to offer one of the most smooth and streamlined movements. As a result, they look realistic with high integrity. The designer is responsible for managing the position of the initiation of the 3D character as well as the last position of the 3D character. Another particular program does the calculation of all the middle frame numbers. 


The steps mentioned earlier provide a basic outline of the 3D character design process. However, accurate processing requires a lot of skills and detail-oriented understanding. Therefore, it can only be achieved by professionals. That’s why choosing professional 3D character design services is advisable to get efficient results with the best resource optimization. Furthermore, choosing professional services also help in providing faster results with better customization.

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Dezpad Desings
Dezpad is a team of creative designers who have ensured that the practice has maintained its position as one of Malaysia’s leading interior design for 3D Drawing, 3D Modeling & Animation studios.
[email protected]
Suite 20-01 & 20-02B, Level 20, The Pinnacle, Persiaran Lagoon, Bandar Sunway

+6012 483 8830


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