Advanced dust and erosion control technology by RST Solutions reduces impact of roadworks on environment and residents

Total Ground Control by RST Solutions protects disturbed areas against dust and erosion at roadworks

RST Solutions supplies and supports civil construction companies with superior dust and erosion control technology for major roadworks to reduce impact on residents and environment

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Gold Coast, Queensland Jun 21, 2022 ( – A civil construction company responsible for major road upgrades has been working with leading fine particle specialist Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST Solutions) to reduce the impact of roadworks on nearby residents and the environment.

RST Solutions’ high-performing dust suppression and erosion control technology Total Ground Control is being used by SMA Infrastructure on a major roadwork site and it is performing to the highest standards, particularly during a recent major weather event, saving SMA time and money in maintenance and repairs.

Total Ground Control is a soil binder applied by spray to stabilise disturbed areas, protecting against wind and rain to control erosion and suppress dust, which is critical in an urban environment. 

RST Solutions Business Development Manager Mark Farmer has been working with SMA Infrastructure to supply advanced products to assist the company in meeting strict regulations.

“SMA has taken great care to overcome the usual community issues caused by roadworks,” Mr. Farmer said.

“The company is committed to high levels of dust and erosion control activities, which shows a great deal of care for the community and our products have played a role by binding exposed material on the work site to protect from erosion and suppress dust.”

“This treatment speeds up construction by reducing the maintenance and repair work after rain and prevents dust from imposing on neighbouring properties.”

SMA Infrastructure Environmental Manager Jason Haslett said RST’s product Total Ground Control had been performing extremely well in many different situations, and was greatly reducing the potential for dust and erosion, performing particularly well during a recent extreme rainfall weather event.

“RST’s high-quality products and customer support have contributed to our work having less impact on the community and the environment, which results in less recovery work for our construction teams,” Mr. Haslett said.

“Considering the quantity and intensity of the recent rainfall events, the Total Ground Control soil binder product from RST Solutions we used for erosion control has performed exceptionally well to date.”

“We applied RST’s Total Ground Control on this major infrastructure project that since received 1221.4mm (1.22 meters) of rain and was still performing well.”

“It was pretty incredible that there was no need for major repairs after the extreme rainfall in which the project received 565.6mm in around 48 hours. This is largely credited to the type of soil binder we used, using the correct dosage levels and the most appropriate application methods.”

“We applied Total Ground Control to the batters, embankments, and other disturbed areas under RST’s guidance in terms of the concentrations required for the various assets and the best application methods.

“By helping us to manage unexpected changes in construction and weather patterns and adjust the concentration to suit different material types and infrastructure forms, RST has helped us save significant costs.”

Total Ground Control is a specialty polymer emulsion soil binder developed by RST Solutions as a long-term veneering agent for all non-trafficked applications. Diluted in water at varying concentrations depending on materials and application area, Total Ground Control is sprayed directly onto open ground material for long-term dust and erosion control.

Total Ground Control is highly effective in withstanding winds and numerous applications in the agricultural industry have demonstrated that the soil binder is safe to be sprayed directly over seeds, plants, and trees.

For that reason, Total Ground Control can also be applied with seed and planting programs to bind the seed bed and enable roots to take hold against the negative impacts of rain and wind.

RST Solutions specialises in solving complex dust and erosion issues for a variety of infrastructure projects globally, with customised solutions adapted to varying factors such as materials being used, processes involved, local weather patterns, temperatures, and land topography.

By taking into consideration a site’s application equipment and systems, as well as construction processes, RST Solutions develops advanced technologies tailored to solve site-specific issues caused by all types of fine particle matter from dust to mud, silt to sediment.

This expertise comes from three decades of experience gained from developing solutions for extensive fine particle challenges presented by numerous industries, processes, and material types.

RST Solutions is an Australian business operating internationally, with presence and projects currently in the United States of America, China, India, Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Panama, Mexico, Columbia, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Indonesia, The Philippines, Malaysia, Croatia, Lithuania, and Mongolia.

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RST Solutions advanced technology Total Ground Control applied to embankments of major roadworksAdvanced technology Total Ground Control reduces impact on environment and residents near roadworks

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