Sensoriom Partners With Tricog To Battle Against Heart Disease Pandemic

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- New Delhi, Delhi Jul 7, 2022 ( – Sensoriom, a healthcare startup by an Anesthesiologist, Dr. Navneet Goyal has partnered with a Singapore-based health-tech MNC, Tricog to challenge the heart disease pandemic in the country. This will enable the users to order heart screening tests, including an ECG & Cardiologist consultation from the comfort of their homes.

Heart diseases are rapidly ramping up the Indian youth, forget about the elderly age group. With over 35 lakh annual deaths due to heart problems in India, above 12 lakh deaths are reported in the below 45 age group. The main reasons are unhealthy eating habits, metabolic syndrome, stress, and a positive family history of heart disease. These health issues don’t surface in the majority of the cases. Some individuals may directly present with a heart attack.

Dr. Navneet Goyal is an Intensivist with an experience in Intensive & Cardiac Intensive Care for over a decade. His healthcare startup Sensoriom was previously engaged in addressing multiple wellness services including Diabetic diet planning and Mental Health Counseling. However, with the enormously high death toll due to heart attacks in the population, he shifted his focus to cardiac critical care!

Sensoriom is using the innovative technology of Tricog to screen the masses. Further, these users are labeled into high-risk and moderate-risk categories according to Framingham’s Risk Scoring Criteria. The high-risk individuals are sent to the Cardiologist for a further workup, while repeated screening is done for the moderate-risk individuals. The cost of getting your heart checkup done at home is extremely cheap. It costs between INR 200 to 300, a Sensoriom Nurse aka Sensoriom Rakshak comes to your home for the services. These Sensoriom Rakshak are trained in delivering First Aid, Basic Nursing Care, and as well as CPR to a dying patient if needed.

The screening facilities have begun in Agra and some internal semi-urban pockets around Agra and Noida. To get your screening done, one needs to fill in a booking form on the website. With the social media awareness campaigns and positive word-of-mouth publicity, Dr. Navneet is quite confident in penetrating 80% of the residential societies in Agra and nearby towns within the next six months.

“We have tied up with the local cardiac facilities to deliver the treatment at a reduced cost to the patients we refer to them,” said Dr. Navneet, “with more screening efforts, the undiagnosed high-risk cases will surface and will be promptly transferred to these cardiac facilities for the treatment. We would be saving more lives than ever, and the facilities will see an enhanced turnover of the patients by partnering with Sensoriom.”

To get in touch with the Sensoriom team, you can either send a Whatsapp message at +919368100334 or share your thoughts at [email protected].

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Source :Dr Navneet Goyal

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