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So today’s write is all about a question I actually get a lot. Like, if I went through my DMs and all my messages, it will probably be top two, and I’m pretty sure it won’t be number two. And that question is, how do you find Spotify Playlist that accepts placements?

Now, I’m pretty sure that the people that are asking me this question, they’re probably just getting into marketing. Somehow they ended up on the road. A Spotify Playlisting. Maybe you got finesse. Bob Playlist’s career told you he could get you a category for $50. Maybe you paid a guy $1,000 just to get you on two Playlists that have, like, 10,000 followers. But because you guys are so nice about it and because you all are so persistent in asking me this question, I’m going to give you the playlisting strategy that I used to find playlists for my clients. and even sometimes I use it to help my artist friends when they’re trying to do the same thing.

The first strategy that I like to use is something that I like to call the About Section strategy. Now, for this strategy, you either need to already know about a playlist that takes submissions, know an artist that is currently getting themselves playlisted, or have the bandwidth to go through Spotify and do a bunch of keyword searching. So let’s assume that you’re on the former end, right? Let’s assume that you don’t know any playlist. You don’t know anybody who’s on purpose. You’re doing this at ground zero. So what you want to do is go to Spotify from your desktop, and search for a keyword that is related to the genre playlist you’re looking for. So if you’re a rapper, search rap or hip hop or something like that. Once you search this keyword, you want to make sure that you filtered out your searches by Playlists. not songs, not albums, only Playlists on Spotify. And once you’ve done this, you want to scroll through all the playlists that I have listed until you find a playlist that is run by an independent curator. And the way that you’ll know that it’s ran by an independent curator is because where it has the name, it won’t say Spotify, it won’t say Filter, it won’t say Tawsify, and it won’t say, Dexter. It says something else. Stay away from those four brands, those four companies. You won’t get on those Playlists. Now, once you find a playlist that is independently curated. You see that they’re being run by some type of brand or curator or independent curator or something like that. Scroll through the playlist until you find an artist that you’ve personally never heard of. Preferably you want this artist to have around 50,000 monthly listeners on a list. Sometimes you can go over that. But I’ve just learned from personal experience that it’s a lot easier to do this method if you can keep the artists that you’re using at around 500 monthly listeners a list. Once you found this artist that you personally never heard of that has 50,000 or fewer monthly listeners, you’re going to click on their artists, go to their profile, and then click on about, on their Spotify profile. Now, if you look at this about section for them, you will see that it lists the top five playlists that artists are currently on. And the reason that you’re doing this is that this artist is either someone that has figured out the sauce on getting on the playlist, or they’ve hired someone that has the sauce on getting them on the playlist. Either way, you’ve to cheat coded yourself to the top of the pile by just going to the playlist that they have and they’re already on. And you know, these playlists are taking artist submissions because this art is on it.

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So once you find the information, once you find these playlists, you’ll just need to click through the playlist, see if they have some type of contact information, reach out to the playlist, get their prices, get their rules for perpetuating and all that stuff, and then rinse and repeat the process. You now have a new list of playlists that, you know, take art submissions, go to those playlists, find more artists that you’ve never heard of, go to their about section, find more playlists, rent, repeat, rent, repeat, rinse, repeat. The second way that I like to find playlists is by using a tool called chart metric. Chart metric is this really dope data analytics tool that’s used by Rs and marketing agencies within the music industry. Really cool stuff. Now, once you get the chart metric, you’ll need to search for artists that are within your niche. So if you’re a rapper that makes, I don’t know, trap rap, search artists like 21 Savage Money Back, Yell, something like that. If you’re an RnB artist, search artists like Mareeba and Baby Rose, or just search artists that are within your niche and within your demographic.

Now, once you search these artists and go into their profile if you scroll to the bottom of the char mentioned profile, you will see they have a section where you can see all of the playlists that are artists currently on or have been on in the past. And if you have the pay version, you can see as far back as I believe, an entire year. I think with the free version, you can only see the last 30 days or so. But that’s cool because it’s enough of a window for you to be able to find some playlists to get yourself pitched on. Now, this method is really useful for finding playlists that are placing artists that are very similar to you. And if you know anything about the Spotify algorithm and how it works, getting on playlists that makes sense for your niche rather than getting on ones that just bring you a lot of streams will significantly benefit your account long term. And just placing yourself on some random playlists that will get you 20,000 streams or so because you can find these playlists that these artists are currently on or have been on, you are actively being able to place yourself around artists and within a niche that makes sense for you in the Spotify algorithm, which once again will just significantly increase your chances of hitting the algorithm and all these positive things happening, which should be the goal of getting yourself placed on playlists in the first place. From there, it’s very similar to the about section strategy where if you have ever seen a playlist profile on chart metric, they usually will have the contact information listed on there.

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If not, you can always click on the Spotify Playlist link and go to their description section on Spotify and see if they have like a Twitter handle or Instagram handle or email or something. Now another cool thing about the chart metrics playlist feature is that you can filter it out based on the editorial playlist and then none editorial playlist. So pretty much a user-generated playlist which makes the search process for this so much easier, especially when you’re trying to make sure you’re getting on playlists that are demographically relevant to you, which once again, I suggest that you all are trying to get on playlists that are demographically relevant to you.

The third and most important Spotify submission and promotion service that I like to use is called

Those are pretty much my go-to methods for finding Spotify playlists. So you have your About Section strategy, you have Chart Metric, and then you have (recommended)

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Best seller market review | How to find the best and Affordable Music Playlist Placement Service for musicians. Get discovered by a world of playlist listeners. Submit to dozens of curators Collectively curating for over 100,000,000 listeners. (YourDigitalWall Editorial):- New York City, New York Jul 11, 2022 ( – Get More Real […]