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innovative owlet smart sock


(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Singapore, Singapore Jul 4, 2022 ( – 24/7 – that’s how parents will describe their duties when their baby comes along. From sunup to sundown and even into the wee hours, the first few months of a newborn’s arrival can be extremely demanding. Even after the initial routines are established, there are always more adjustments to be made later on; like those when the parents return to work. When pockets of rest come about, it feels incredible to the parents, to say the least. And if any appliance can help, it is always appreciated. For most parents, the baby monitor is one of those core tools to maintain a regulated environment. It helps to cut down on physical intermittent checks – which seems trivial but can really add up over a period of time – and allows caretakers to be notified through visual or audio cues. It’s straightforward and works, but technology and the times have given us so much more.

At its core, the Owlet Smart Sock is very much that – a smart baby monitor. But the makers of the Smart Sock have reconsidered the ways a baby can be remotely observed and created a tool that goes beyond your basic monitoring.


Unlike the standard monitor, the Owlet Smart Sock provides superior tracking by attaching itself to a comfortable wrap on the baby’s foot itself – thus the sock monitor – to give parents a set of enhanced readings of the baby’s well-being, and sleep state, and activity for better peace of mind! The award-winning technology behind the Smart Sock tracks the most important indicators of your baby’s well-being, such as your child’s heart rate, oxygen level, and sleep trends, so that while they rest easy, you can too. View your child’s readings in real-time with the free Owlet Care App and receive notifications if readings leave preset zones, so you know when your child really needs you.

The soft interchangeable fabric wrap comes with a sensor that taps into pulse-oximetry technology. Clinically proven and non-invasive, the wearable technology is ideal for infants and toddlers. The kit includes 2 sizes of sock fabrics for both left and right feet and can fit babies weighing from 2.2kg to 13.5kg. It also includes the sensor and a base station that cleverly double-duties as a charger and visual indicator.


The small sensor attached to the Owlet Smart Sock uses pulse oximetry technology to track heart rate, oxygen level, and movement. As the only baby device that tracks these indicators on the market, it composes a holistic picture of the baby’s activities – and most importantly, their sleep cycles.


Sleep Junkie revealed that 68% of surveyed parents reported more than 7 hours of sleep per night prior to having a baby. This figure dropped to only 10% after the baby arrived.

Without a doubt, the first year of receiving an infant is wonderful, but it is also gruelling with round-the-clock tasks. This may seem like a necessary sacrifice at first, but self-care is just as important during this period. Owlet created the Smart Sock to monitor what matters most – your child’s well-being – but also allow parents more time to themselves.

Along with tracking heart rate and oxygen level, the Smart Sock through the Owlet Care App compiles a baby’s sleep trends and helps the parents to identify and regulate their baby’s sleeping habits. With such a broad and intelligent system, parents can then enjoy the most from their parenting journey, well-rested.


The Owlet Smart Sock set is well-suited for children up to 18 months, but should the parents find themselves wanting to extend the assistance a little longer, they can add on the Owlet Extension Pack for children up to 5 years of age. Good sleep habits are exactly that and need to be formed, so if some extra time is needed to reinforce the routines, it’s well worth considering. After all, it serves to not only give the children the best sleep they can have, but the parents the rest they deserve as well.

For more information on Owlet Smart Sock and other innovative parenting tools, visit their flagship store on Lazada.

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