The Only NFT TO BURN 69% of ALL the Mint Sale Profits on Shiba Inu!

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2022-08-08 – Burn & Earn LLC, the NFT technology company focusing on token inflation controlled by the public. B&E announced their new Burn & Earn NFT technology that burns 69% of all mint sales on tokens voted on by the Burn & Earn community.

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Chicago, Illinois Aug 11, 2022 ( – The Burn & Earn LLC NFT technology will burn 69% of all mint sales on tokens voted on by the Burn & Earn community. The Ordinary Jack Series 1 is the Only NFT dedicating 69% of all mint sales to BURNING Shiba Inu (ETH). Burn & Earn is targeted to Crypto Enthusiast, NFT Collectors, & Shiba Inu holders.

Being a Crypto & NFT Investor/Enthusiast is tough these days, 90% of ALL crypto enthusiasts lose 80%+ on their investments when the creator of the crypto project removes 80% of the liquidity to create the environments their company promised. It’s a Joke what they do to their holders!

The Burn & Earn has Technology & Environment Solutions that will allow the public to become part of the B&E community. The B&E community will determine the growth of certain crypto projects & assets. All 69% of the Mint sales will be added to the Shiba Inu Liquidity, Any Shiba Inu tokens acquired by Burn & Earn LLC will be BURNED & sent to a Dead Wallet. 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD

All Burn & Earn Ordinary Jack Series 1 holders will see inflation in their Shiba Inu holdings when all Ordinary Jack Series 1 are fully minted out. Over 200k in Shiba Inu will be burned.

Every quarter Burn & Earn will release a new NFT that will represent the token chosen to burn by the community! NFTs will be log-in keys to vote. The token DAO will be a 1 VS 2 type scenario.

Every Vote Counts!

Jarrett, Frank, & Adam, who are Burn & Earn LLC’s Co-Founders said:

Frank – “We plan to change Crypto inflation as we know it!”

Adam – “The public deserves the right to have a say on how their investments are treated!”

Jarrett – “When the companies fail their crypto communities & holders Burn & Earn comes in like Robinhood to help the holders to come together & rally their wallet inflations!”

The last Image is of us celebrating our NFT Release by Blowing up a Shiba Inu Labeled Boat.

Last Image Left to Right: – Adam, Jarrett, & Frank. 


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