Integrates with Square for Live Stream Selling on Facebook

Setting up your Square Integration with Shipcom

Automates Live Comment Selling, Invoicing, and Shipping for Direct Sellers

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Las Vegas, Nevada Sep 7, 2022 ( –, a technology company that helps small e-commerce businesses grow exponentially, now offers online sellers who use Square a new Facebook Live Show integration that enables and automates Live comment selling, invoicing, and shipping.  The integration provides automated invoicing, inventory management, and shipping through ShipLive for Live Shows on Facebook.

Direct sellers, who use Square for payment processing and inventory management, can now easily use ShipLive to set up their Live Shows on Facebook through, then after the completion of a Live Show,  automatically invoice customers and collect payment in Square, and finally use ShipOrder to quickly and seamlessly print shipping labels to easily and cost-effectively send customer orders.

How the Integration with Square Works (As Easy as 1,2,3)

  • Square inventory is searchable inside a user’s account when following the easy self-guided setup process for a Live Show.  
  • During the show and after making a sale, the seller’s Square inventory is automatically updated and the completed orders, generated from live comment selling, are sent to Square and appear in the seller’s Square account for invoicing and payment.  
  • Once payment is collected orders appear in the user’s account and are ready for shipment.  

The integrations for Square, through ShipOrder and ShipLive, take the busy work out of selling during a Facebook Live Show by setting up live comment sales, invoicing for comment purchases, and generating shipping labels. Details are available on the blog.

Ship offers simple, easy-to-use tools that enable sellers to sell their products by Going Live in three simple ways, then easily collect a payment, ship products, and connect with their customers.

Three Ways to Use to Host and Automate Live Shopping Events on Facebook  

Sellers who want to use Facebook Live to broadcast Live events and continue to attract new customers can still use the ShipLive platform to create their product playlists, host their Live events, and Go Live on Facebook. offers the easiest and most cost-effective way to Go Live on Facebook with three options to capture and grow sales using the live event format. 

  • Live Comment Selling – Sellers can Go Live on Facebook, with ShipLive comment selling to completely automate the order-taking process -the easiest and most cost-effective way to sell live.   
  • Replay Selling – Once a live sale is completed, however long or short, the live video will remain as a post in your feed on Facebook. This allows buyers to continue watching seller videos 24/7 and for sellers to continue receiving orders for days after the sale ends.  This feature enables sellers to record once and continue getting orders.  Think “set it and forget it” and watch more orders roll in.
  • Quick Live (Reel Selling)– For those not yet ready to sell Live, sellers can record a quick 30-second live video (with no audience) which is automatically posted to Facebook. Similar to a “reel, buyers can enter comments while watching a seller video and instantly buy products. This is the fastest and easiest way for sellers to get started with Live Social Selling.

The ShipLive Social Selling platform is designed to make business growth simple, which is why offers a $0 14-day trial and a 30-day money-back growth guarantee.  Special promotions are available for users when they Go Live.

About Ship

Ship delivers an easy-to-use, unified platform for Live Show comment selling, collecting payment, shipping orders, and processing returns. started as a place to make it easy for direct sellers to print shipping labels, invoice customers, track shipments, process returns and connect with their customers. also offers a Venmo-like app for consumer shipping, order tracking, and sharing.  Today Ship is the #1 choice for sellers who want easy-to-use tools to connect with online shoppers, grow their business, and gain the freedom to get the most out of their business and life. To learn more visit

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