Groce, Rose and Moore, LLC Adds Financial – Strategic Services Offerings Managed by Industry Expert David Kopplin

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Groce, Rose & Moore, LLC’s new division provides Financial & Strategic Services offerings to their clients in the U.S. and internationally.

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Spartanburg, South Carolina Nov 21, 2022 ( – Groce, Rose & Moore, LLC has formed a new division for their Financial & Strategic Services offerings in the world of Mergers and Acquisitions.

Groce, Rose & Moore is an M&A Consulting Firm with a domestic and international outreach that focuses on client Mergers, Acquisitions, Consolidations, Consultations, and Business Valuation Services. They assist contracted clients who are looking to buy, sell, expand, consolidate, want consultative services, or simply need to understand their options and the effects of their choices. Their firm is agnostic in its business approach and represents a wide range of clientele, all with unique needs.

With this new division, GRM provides a variety of corporate finance consulting services. They offer quality financial analysis, detailed business assessment, project evaluation, finance, and acquisition services, all on a “project-to-project” basis, or when desired, as long-term assignments to meet critical resource demands. The Financial & Strategic Service consulting group will assist clients to be better prepared for M&A activities in preparation for sale. In addition, GRM assists clients in their budgeting and forecasting processes and pro forma models in the preparation of long-term strategic planning.

Their goal is to identify critical areas affecting business performance and profitability, and establish effective performance measurements in the following crucial areas:


  • Financial Analysis– Prepare a financial analysis to identify the financial strength of a business as well as the feasibility of employing special projects and capital improvements. Identification of financial components that create value and affect profitability targets.  Prepare a plan of action to improve performance measurements based on financial analysis.
  • Budgeting and Forecasting– Assist in the preparation of annual operating and capital budgets and develop cash flow forecasting. Assist with developing capital costs and prepare cost-benefit analyses for new financial requests.  Develop unit pricing models and develop gross margins and EBITDA targets.  Consolidate pro forma operating results into long-range business models to assist with strategic planning.
  • Corporate Debt and Project FinancingExplore alternative financing methods of capital projects and assist with the placement of corporate debt transactions.  Review and prepare debt prospectus, project agreements, and other contracts.
  • Acquisition and Valuation AnalysisIdentify buy-side and sell-side acquisition candidates and assist in the due diligence process.  Prepare valuation analysis and identify key business risks.  Provide synergy consultation to maximize merger value creation.
  • Business Assessment – Assess market conditions, industry profiles, and business opportunities for new business development efforts.
  • Due Diligence Preparation – Assist in the due diligence process and preparation of documents for possible acquisition activities.

As Managing Director, Corporate Finance and Strategy, David Kopplin, brings a broad depth of knowledge and valuable experience to GRM’s clients and credibility to every project. His focused, results-oriented approach has led to successful and profitable solutions for businesses across the U.S. and internationally.

  • Over 20 years of experience in the areas of corporate finance, capital financing, debt placement, investment banking, project management, financial planning and analysis, and treasury management.
  • Diverse industry experience in domestic and international power and energy generation, as well as industry experience in investment banking, merchant financing, financial services, and professional consulting services.
  • Developed complex pro forma financial models and economic analysis tools identifying key “value drivers” and investment risk criteria.
  • Participated in billions of dollars of corporate securities transactions including private placement, public debt, construction and term loans, loan syndications, and M&A transactions.
  • Provided Management with recommendations on implementing capital improvementsand quantified the prospective economic viability of such programs.
  • Developed consolidated long-range business models used for marginal pricing and tax analysis.
  • Experienced with over 50 domestic and international projects, partnerships, and acquisitions.
  • Provided management with application tools and procedures to streamline budget reconciliation, cost containment, and cost allocation methods.
  • Published and co-authored an article regarding compliance with tax regulations of tax-exempt financings in American City and County.

Groce, Rose & Moore, LLC recently received a much-coveted award from the selection committee at Financial Services Review Magazine, as one of the Top 10 Mergers & Acquisitions Firms of 2022.

Working with family offices, private equity firms, corporations, and individuals, GRM really keeps its clients’ best interests in mind while providing stimulating ideas and solutions to facilitate a greater return on investment. Apart from their vast knowledge and experience, what makes GRM different is their ability to understand and care about their clients’ personal and business goals.

The three partners of GRM, Dennis B. Groce, Warren Rose, and Paul Moore, have decades of experience in different industries and bring a vast amount of expertise to the table. The thirteen associates within the company come from different backgrounds across various sectors. Using this experience and expertise collectively, the company can address any client need. During the course of business, GRM strives to ensure everyone is treated fairly and equitably.

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