The Light Bulb Changer is an Innovative Product To Change Bulbs Safely Without Using Any Ladders.

Lawrence Sales Company has recently launched their cutting-edge product a light bulb remover to make uninstalling and installing a bulb easier, the product will be open for purchase starting from 12/01/22.

(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Panama City, Florida Dec 14, 2022 ( – Lawrence Sales Company introduced a brighter, more secure, and easier way to change bulbs with their light bulb changer.  This amazing tool has been designed to provide a safe and effective way for anyone to install and uninstall a BR 20 and BR 30 high hat light bulb, without having to use a ladder.

Also, included is a patented broken light bulb remover. The package they provide comprises an important safety manual that is important to read first, a reverse thread adapter, the light bulb changer base, two pieces of double-sided tape, and a broken Light Bulb Remover.

This product was manufactured in the Fujian Provence of China.

To use the Light Bulb Changer one needs to simply thread the included reverse thread chapter onto their existing handle and follow the included instructions.

The BR 20 and BR 30 Light Bulb Changer costs $49.50 each, plus the shipping and handling charges, as well as sales tax, which may apply.

It is a resourceful product to help you ditch ladders. Note there are two different size tools for different-size lightbulbs. A BR 20 and a BR 30 high hat Light Bulb Changer.

They also offer a replaceable double-sided tape that can be purchased for renewed, secure adhesiveness onto your light bulb remover. This is the only tape that is authorized and safe to use and specifically chosen for its properties with adhesion and the ability to disengage as required.

This Product conforms to the 2021 RoHS Compliance Guide Regulations and REACH Compliance Standards.

Instruction that comes with the package is required to be followed for safety purposes. Likewise, it is mandatory that any and all power to the light fixture be turned off before attempting to use this device.
Make sure none of the lightbulbs are hot while using this product. A potential fire hazard exists if they are.

You must get the proper fitting handle. It is advised that you take the reverse thread adaptor to your local hardware store to test the thread designs for correctness and proper fit.
This is specifically made to fit standard ACME ¾ -5 threads. It is designed to be a tight fit.

Make sure you correctly orient the double-sided tape with the correct side down.

Moreover, they accept credit/debits or G-pay and other payment methodologies, which makes it quite simple to buy.

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