The Happiness Warrior Eric North shares Twenty Ways to Make Optimism a Superpower

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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- New York City, New York Jun 14, 2024 ( – Eric North is a best-selling author, life coach, and motivational speaker who spends his life taking care of his followers and guiding them to find the ultimate solace and happiness. In the past few years, North has guided his followers so much, spilling so many secrets of finding their one true happiness that earned him the nickname ‘The Happiness Warrior’. He says there are two kinds of people in life whose examples play out every day in the world. The first group is those who are naturally happy, and empathetic, and seek to share their joy. They come with a mindset where resilience and gratitude come from within, which makes them the optimists the world so desperately needs in these times of confusion and rapid change. On the other hand, there is another group of people who spend their days complaining and seeking others to share their miserable stories and hateful opinions. Rather than doing well and helping those around them, they choose to live in a narrow perspective where everything is someone else’s fault or problem.

North says that life is about choices and how people choose their mindset and attitude is how they play the game of life to win. As dark and chaotic as the world can seem at times, there are always those who commit their lives to making the world better and safer for others. These people might be in the minority at times, but they are always strong in their resolve and intention. They know that the world deserves more happiness, and nothing will stop them on their quest for enlightenment. This is why happy people around the world make the world brighter and celebrate other’s achievements. As the Happiness Warrior, Eric says that having a mindset that puts the thoughts to the problems and obstacles and thinking about solutions guides his optimistic journey.

North believes that lack of optimism causes people to stop showing up, skip things that they are afraid of, leave details out, and lie to make themselves look better than others. People make up false tales of victories and triumphs that they have never even experienced to try to fit in. At the same time, everyone is living in a world that is a dystopian mix of misinformation and propaganda whose sole mission is to accomplish means. This is why ‘The Happiness Warrior’ talks about learned optimism. For this, taking small steps such as verbalizing unwarranted fears and making them smaller is a first step that works. It can instill greater self-confidence and help people to understand how important optimism is to people’s happiness. At the same time, it is also important to take a personal decision to become happier and look at life as an adventure best played as one great game. North says the trick is to never let anyone else bring you down.

North suggests some optimistic traits to instill in people who want to see changes happening in real life. People need to view problems and obstacles as opportunities to test themselves and achieve growth. Optimistic people have an attitude and mindset that is designed to make the best of any situation. They are also resilient in times of adversity and help others along the way and have a positive effect on everyone around them. Optimistic people can draw strength and encouragement from past wins and successes because they know that their lives have made an impact for the good of all. People who endure an optimistic mindset understand that setbacks and failures are opportunities to change their life journey. They also think that pain and suffering are a natural part of life that people can use to make their mindset stronger.

‘The Happiness Warrior’ says optimistic people know that all problems have a solution and the only requirement is the ability to let go of our egos and focus on the solution in mind. Which is why they never give up when things get rough. Instead, they believe that whatever’s happening right now is where we are supposed to be at this moment in time. They also understand and know how to engage with their powers and strengths and can compartmentalize bad times and focus on good memories. It is because these people understand the gift of authenticity and the value of being oneself. This makes optimistic people cope rather than slide into the despair and hopelessness of victimhood and can accept compliments modestly while realizing the pleasure that it gives someone else.

North further says that people who embody optimism are continuously in pursuit of their passion in life, as they know that happiness comes from within and are constantly sharing their happiness with others. These people lead through example in actions and words and that perspective is exponential and are always open to new experiences. Optimistic people understand that taking responsibility for their actions is the key to happiness and integrity and words have great power and spirit. This is why they tend to live longer and suffer from less disease than those with a negative mindset. These people are also less selfish and more likely to be charitable. So the goal for people should always be to integrate more optimism into daily life. For more such advice and life lessons, visit

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