Upcoming New York-based singer-songwriter Peter Lake recently came out with the single, ‘Bonfire Eyes’ that puts together a varied assortment of musical strains. Upcoming music artist and songwriter Peter Lake is presenting a cascading stream of genre-bending styles in the verses of his new release, ‘Bonfire eyes’. The song is a captivating sundry of […]

Rap artist Young Kaii’s new song ‘Te Quite’ is a blended verse of hip hop and reggaeton essentials exemplifying the cultural and creative verses of Spanish roots. pcoming hip hop artist Young Kaii presents a captivating course of culturally enriched music with her newly released single, ‘Te Quite’. The audio for the […]

Artist Intelligent Diva is creating an engaging experience of musical and thematic magnetism with her interpretations of various genre influences in her soundscape. Music artist Intelligent Diva is stirring up my playlist with her invasive vocal resonance, thematic display in her lyrical spontaneity, and production arrangements. Her soundscape is a dynamic arena […]

Rapper and Song Writer Marvelous was born as Leo Marines in Queens, New York,   on July 2nd 1991. Formerly known as ImmI he has been rising steadily as an unsigned hype after releasing his first single, “Looking at me”. Being a child of the 90’s, Marvelous has always been attracted to […]