‘Move with Me’ by Rising RnB Singer Jaya Lesedi Is an Emotional Journey Resonating Deeply With the Audience

It’s hard to find a musical genre that resonates with listeners like R&B music. R&B music is loved by almost everyone in the world, because of its universal approach. Indian-American musician Jaya Lesedi has established a soundscape that paints a picture of real-life relationships and events that gives a sense of comfort to the audience. Her latest single  Move With Me tells the story of love and passion through witty and sassy lyrical illustration. The true essence of the song comes to life through her penetrating singing. It inspires the audience to follow their dreams. Imbibing diverse thematic elements in the song, the brilliant Georgia female RnB singer formed a symphony of absolute acoustic pleasure. The song has already left the global R&B community in awe with its unparalleled resonance.

 Jaya Lesedi

Being a 1st generation Indian-American, Jaya Lesedi is deeply in touch with her Indian roots. Her music is also rich in thematic elements from India, Africa, South America, Asia, Ireland, and more. Growing up with the influences of R&B, hip hop, and soul, the gifted singer soon started writing music to express her thoughts and emotions utilizing her African cultural roots. Her newest single ‘Move With Me’ features dynamic versatility through its breathtaking instrumentation. The articulate and meaningful lyrical narrative of the song reveals her extraordinary songwriting skills to the audience. She has established her own production house called JayaLesedi and is crafting songs that are very close to her heart. Follow her on Website, SpotifyYouTube, Soundcloud, Instagram, and Facebook to stay updated about her upcoming works.

To enjoy this song visit the given link: https://soundcloud.com/user-517769225-558584044/move-with-me

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