Groove with the Instrumental Compositions by Musician Doremi The Genuis

Doremi The Genuis

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you are looking for a unique and well-tooled instrumental composition that you never heard before, then Doremi The Genuis’s tracks are a must-listen. This uber-talented musician has come up with the idea that jazz and hip hop can be blended and he made it possible as well. Taking the authentic flavors from both genres and blending them flawlessly is something only this artist can do. He also used the bass beats of R&B in some of the tracks to keep the groove and hook intact. It is amazing to see how the artist incorporates only a few elements yet comes up with unique and different compositions every time. The latest tracks like, ‘Dark Moon’, ‘Mr West’, ‘Imitation’, ‘Hell Of A Life’ etc are proof of his talent, skill, and a great sense of original music.

Hailing from Michigan, this Detroit hip hop and jazz musician Doremi The Genuis is exploring his life and experiences through music and it reflects through his masterful compositions. However, this artist has a knack for Science and Biology as well as bodybuilding and car repairing too. He has prolific musician skills and a humble personality which makes him an even more successful artist who can convey emotions through instrumental works. Some of his tracks appear quite eccentric, some have poignancy and some of them feel dark and haunting. The artist is well seasoned in creating original music and reflects through each of his tracks like ‘Charles Mc Swain’, ‘Antidote’, ‘Cries Of The Angels’, ‘Something About You’ etc to name some.

Making some significant progress through the industry, this musician is looking forward to making more instrumental tracks with his sheer individuality. There is a lush creative zone in the artist’s compositions which provides the listeners a comfort zone yet in an enjoyable way. His brisk moves and musical consistency have helped him to maintain a persistent musical career with numerous instrumental tracks in just one year. Gaining at full throttle in his musical journey, hopefully, he will come up with something new to surprise the listeners. Follow Doremi The Genuis also known as D.T.G over SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to know more about his upcoming music and experimental works.

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