‘Issues’ by K.I.R.B. haunts for its unique emo-rap qualities

Rapper K.I.R.B. crafts a melodious path towards the future as he releases his latest single ‘Issues’ that mesmerizes the audience with hypnotic bars and hitting words.


An American artist from California who is stylishly setting new bars in the genre with his unique voice and unheard approach towards the hip-hop genre is K.I.R.B. The rapper inculcates influence from various genres to stand out differently and exclusively does so with his compositions. At just 19-years-old, the artist can match a lot of talented artists with his catchy melodic flow that sets him apart in the monotonous soundscape. Addressing his recent heartbreak, the rapper has released his new song titled Issuesthat sheds light on his most distinctive emo-rap style. Hip-hop has always been about repetitive beats, but the talented artist injects gorgeous emo-pop melodies to share his storyline that captures the attention immediately.

K.I.R.B. sounds sentimental in ‘Issues’ as he pours his heart out to share the trauma and pain that the heartbreak has caused him. His melodious vocals intertwined with the soft pop melodies enhance the sentiment of the verses and evokes feelings in the listener. His songwriting is honest and the words genuinely connect with the audience for its relatability. With his melodious performances, the rapper has shown that he is keen to explore the limits of the genre and set a new path for himself. Having performed with artists like Paulie Lepark, Nick Mira, and others, the rap artist is quickly discovering new opportunities. Hear the full song on Spotify and follow him on Instagram for further details.

Please visit here to listen to the songs of  K.I.R.B.


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