Los Angeles Hiphop Artist Crunch Gets on a Wheel to Mark his Unique Musical Identity

Los Angeles hip hop artist Crunch makes a bold move in the hip-hop industry by showcasing his absolute strengths and gets checked with his two latest singles.

The hip-hop genre has encountered millions of artists over the years. While some take years to adapt to its exclusiveness, few exceptional talents embrace the uniqueness of the genre and fearlessly improvise their style to bring a change. One such new-generation artist who has buckled up to offer a hardcore rhythmic ride with his musical offerings is Crunch. The Los Angeles hip hop artist has stirred up a positive reputation surrounding his music and is driving with full force to win the hearts of millions with his intrinsic melodies. Having the required grit, energy, and originality to thrive effortlessly, the rapper ensures to make the listeners bounce and groove to his hip-hop mixes that vividly portray his skills. His songs stand out for his signature rap style that keeps the listeners on their toes throughout. While keeping the quintessential vibe of hip-hop alive in his soundscapes, the rapper doesn’t shy away from experimenting with his rhythms which adds a valuable edge to his songs. ‘Whip It Up and ‘Armed and Dangerous’ are the two latest tracks dropped by the artist and uphold the rapper’s dynamic and bold visionary to amaze the hip-hop crowd. Be it the sound design or his almost breathless rap speed, everything strikes the chord at once.


Built under the label Crunch Time Ent, the songs ‘Whip It Up’, and ‘Armed and Dangerousengulf the attention with their catchy and engaging lyrics, that highlight the artist’s ability to craft impressive stories. Both the tracks connect with the young hip-hop generation for its pumped up soundscape and zeal. The songs lead with creativity and confidence and boast a plethora of rhythmic twists and turns. Offering his vocals that bring a refreshing edge to the rap world, Crunch begs for repeat listens by giving out a remarkable performance. The rapper derives his influence from Stevie Wonder, 50 Cent, Michael Jackson, Dr. Dre, James Brown Jay-Z Prince, 2Pac, Kendrick Lamar, J-Cole, and others, and is currently working on his upcoming concert at the world-famous Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood California on Sunset Blvd. Hear out all his soundtracks on Soundcloud and follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for more updates.

To listen the songs of Crunch visit the given link :  https://soundcloud.com/crunch1

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