Learn the “Kṛṣṇatarian way of life” with Radhika Piyari devi dasi’s Latest Cookbook ‘Kṛṣṇatarian’

Get to know more than 300 delicious vegetarian dishes through the latest publication of ‘Kṛṣṇatarian’ by none other than Radhika Piyari devi dasi, a cooking enthusiast.


I have been looking forward to some cookbooks that can satisfy my vegan needs and Radhika Piyari devi dasi’s latest book Kṛṣṇatarian fits the purpose perfectly. The author has written this book by featuring numerous vegetarian dishes that do not consist of any animal-based product, fat, or protein. There are more than 300 recipes provided in the book that can be easily cooked at home at complete ease and convenience. I like the dishes not because they are vegetarian but for their easy preparations and nutritious values. There is an amalgamation of Canadian, Indian, Italian, and multi-cuisine flavors that can be cherished through each dish. I am really amazed how the author has come up with an alternative vegan dish for every exotic and famous meal. The book has been released on February 13 and already gathering much attention from cooking enthusiasts around the globe.

Radhika is a cooking and bhakti yoga practitioner who cooks a meal with her love and devotion for Lord Krishna. Her flavorful creations are capable of satisfying food lovers around the world with simple and delicious dishes. Her creative aura and admirable personality have already created a huge on social media platforms and finally, she has penned down her dishes through the latest book ‘Kṛṣṇatarian’. The book is available for purchase on Amazon and Writers Republic in Kindle, paperback, hardback, and PDF versions. Follow Radhika Piyari devi dasi on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms to know more. Visit her official website and YouTube channel to explore more.

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