Rapper L.O.U.’s Newest Album ‘Journey Of Choices (Awakening Mind)’ Features a Collection of Wonderful Melodies

Rising rapper from New York, L.O.U. talks about his real-life experiences and his emotions in his recently released album, ‘Journey Of Choices (Awakening Mind)’.


Hip-hop music offers the audience a platform to let go of their deepest emotions and create something so beautiful that everybody admires it. New York-based hip hop artist L.O.U. has grasped upon the opportunity that the genre offers to establish a brilliant soundscape that has earned him global recognition and fame. He has once again surprised his fans with his outstanding creativity presented in his new album, Journey Of Choices (Awakening Mind)’ released on major streaming platforms. The album has 12 terrific bangers that showcase his superior rhyming skills and boundless imagination, helping him stand out of the ordinary.

Inspired by legends like Tupac Shakur, Eminem, Nas, Biggie Smalls, and Jay Z, L.O.U. making sure each of his songs is substantially meaningful and inspiring the audience to make better choices in their lives. ‘Depression on the 18th’ from the album is a masterpiece with a dexterous rap performance and a backdrop of rhythmic perfection. The other songs like ‘Avenue Of The Aspects’, ‘Indigo River’, ‘Learning Who I Am (Hold On)’, ‘Reality Hits’, and more from the album, ‘Journey Of Choices (Awakening Mind)’ also feature his signature commanding rhyming scheme that defies the conventional musical norms. The album is available on Spotify. Follow him on Twitter to find more information about him.

Listen to the album on Spotify:


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