Les Pruitt’s ‘Reflection: Into The Abyss – Democracy or Autocracy?’ is Questioning Every Nation Around the Globe

‘Tick Tock To Midnight’ writer Les Pruitt is enveloping the readers again with his latest literary creation ‘Reflection: Into The Abyss – Democracy or Autocracy?’

Up-and-coming well-established author Les Pruitt is depicting the hidden truths of society and world politics through his latest creation Reflection: Into The Abyss – Democracy or Autocracy?. For me, it is not just a novel but proof of what is going around in the world that most people are unable to comprehend. The book is quite engaging for me as the author has masterfully represented the true and naked picture of the global socio-political structure. Whether it is the irrational psychotic behavior of the Nation’s leader or the swiftly orchestrated global pandemic that took a toll on everyone; everything falls under the darkness of the abyss. I like how the author has emphasized the whole subject matter on the biggest question that lies in everyone’s mind. Is this a democratic world? Or is it just an illusion of autocracy that prevails everywhere? Find out more by purchasing the book on Amazon. It has been recently published on 24 March of this year and already creating a sensation among the readers.

Reflection: Into The Abyss – Democracy or Autocracy?
Reflection: Into The Abyss – Democracy or Autocracy?

Les Pruitt is one of the most talented authors and researchers, who offer a blend of real facts along with his foreseeing visionary, representing nothing but the truth with more clarity. I like his crispy writing style which is quite intriguing and offers ample pleasure of reading. Previously, this author has published ‘Tick Tock To Midnight’ that did not fail to impress global readers. The latest book, ‘Reflection: Into The Abyss – Democracy or Autocracy?’ is being another powerful addition to his literary arsenal. Check out the publisher’s link https://www.iuniverse.com/en/bookstore/bookdetails/834966-reflection to know more.

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